Without your health you have nothing.

Your body is your temple.

You are what you eat.

That last one is my all time favorite, because it’s SO friggen true! What we’ve eaten (& more specifically, what we’ve absorbed from what we’ve eaten) has LITERALLY made our bodies what they are today!

That’s both insane & amazing right?

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re tired.

Sick & Tired maybe too.

Frustrated that being & staying healthy is so dang complicated!

Confused about fads & trends & rules & limits.

You want to start making a change. A real & sustainable difference in your health, but you just don’t know how or where to start.

And you may beĀ  a bit scared too….

I love working with people just like YOU.


Deep breath. There’s no need to worry because I’ve been where you are & felt how you feel, I’ve gone through it all & I’ve come out the other side better than ever to tell you that it can be done!!!

You see, I used to be addicted to sugar (mostly corner store candies), caffeine (sugar sweetened coffee & diet coke), white pasta (actually Kraft dinner) & potato chips (dill pickle was my fav). I also drank my share of booze & smoked like a chimney for over 16 years! (see more of my story here).

At one point I thought that this was it for me. That my life was going to be one smooth sailing ship of no thinkin’ livin’. After all, I wasn’t really sick… I mean I wasn’t on medication & I wasn’t obese or anything….

But you know what? The truth was I was way off.

I was sick!

I couldn’t keep up with my kids at the park ( I rarely tried anymore), I couldn’t get up in the morning without my coffee, I was often forgetful & I was fighting the mean face of depression (more of that story here).

But there was a change coming & it was up to me which way it was going to go.

Sickness & Dis~ease or Vital Health & Wellbeing.

ocean armsAs you can see, I chose the latter.

I’m here to help you on this insanely cool journey of health & wellness.

Whether you wanna make a massive shift or just tweak a few things

you’re in the right place!

Take all my tips, learn from all my mistakes & gain the energy, health & vitality that is your birthright!

Here you will find a number of different packages that I provide. Depending on your specific goals, health needs & time constraints I know we can find the perfect solution.

Not sure what’s right for you?

Schedule a free 20 minute Clarity call with me.

Or click here to read more about my packages!

I can’t wait to hear from you & help you become YouNaturally!


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  1. Hi i had a question if i do 8 wraps every 3days drink plenty water and drink iaso tea will i see results good please let me know thanks in advance

  2. I was wondering if I had to cut out coffee completely while doing the wrap or is it just the first day that I do the wrap

      1. Hey, so Mother Nature has paid me a visit About a few days ago & I should be finishing .. But I am really anxious to start! What would you recommend even if I was to drink a lot of water? Will that be fine??

  3. Can I workout before applying a wrap? This will be my 3rd wrap usually I do not workout before or after but since I have come a long way I would hate to stop the workout. I just would like to know because I have heard you cannot workout after until 12 hours later but can you workout before wait about 3 hours and then apply the wrap.

  4. I was wondering if I can use the hair, skin & nail product while pregnant also how can I look them up to order or is it like ordering them reguraly & I have to know which products are ok to use?

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