The long weekend came and went

walnut cranberry salad (1 of 1)
So I’ve done it (another mini lemonade cleanse). I’m sitting here (actually I’m stretching as I type ~ gotta love multi-tasking!), and I feel pretty good. Besides being a little under the weather the last few days, I’ve done great. I stuck with my plan of smoothies and salads (except that Sat and Sun night I had soup :tom yum and pho instead because I had a slight fever and felt some soup was better then a salad). anyways, I’ve done it and I feel like I want to do this for a few more days. I don’t feel ‘done’ yet you know? I must admit tho, this time around I feel like my relationship with food has somehow changed. My husband talked about this ‘change’ last time we did the lemonade cleanse. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about until now, and I’m not sure I can explain it, but I really feel differently about food right now.
The only way to explain it may be to say that I’m consciously eating to live and not just eating every yummy thing in my path.
So the plan as of today is to continue this eating, cleansing, detoxing, exercising, thing I have going on and see what happens by Thursday.
Why Thursday, well, dunno…. seems like a good night to me. If nothing else I will re-evaluate and see what’s what then.Till then, I’m off to Costco for some nuts, frozen cherries, coconut oil and whatever else happens to jump into my cart! (does this happen to everyone…. I hope so…)

p.s. My new fav salad is a mix of lettuces, crushed walnuts, dried cranberries, a few cloves of minced garlic and some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. SO YUM!

walnut cranberry salad (1 of 1)

here’s my photo

Have a Great Week <3



I have found myself recently becoming what I would call, more spiritual.


Although this enlightened feeling is relatively new to me, I would not call myself religious. When I think of that word images of a hot incense filled church come to mind. I do not like that. I was never comfortable in church, even though we only went periodically when I was little, there was always something about church and God that I just didn’t ‘get’. I have read many books about religions, Buddhism, Tao, Witchcraft, Astrology, but none of them have really gotten me to say or feel like “Yes, this is it, this is what I have been waiting for in my life, this makes SO much sense to me”! so on I read, and think and dream.

So, what has changed?
Is it that I’m older? Or maybe that I’ve just come to a place where I need it so badly that I’m willing to believe? I’m not sure, (but I don’t think it’s the latter). I think that this ‘idea’ or ‘belief’ has always been in the back of my mind as a viable reason or meaning to the world. I have always believed in this, I just haven’t ever really practiced it or given it the awe-inspiring devotion that I now believe it deserves.
So what or who is it that I am now willing to give my time to, my passion, my adoration, my faithfulness to….
Pure & Simple

Simple or too simple? I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there that agree (and disagree) with this. Honestly, I think that “energy” is just the word, but the feeling and the meaning that I believe this word carries for me is what I think most think and feel with their chosen word be it God, Buddha, etc.

Listen, I’m not trying to get anyone hot under the collar, this is just the way that makes sense to me.Anyways, I really think that ENERGY is what is EVERYWHERE. It’s what everything is made of, it’s what everything is surrounded by, it’s what makes things happen. Energy is Karma, it is God, it is the Universe, the air, our thoughts, dreams, and more…..

I’d love to hear what do you think?

More Comfort FOODS

**this is a reblog of an awesome popular blog from 2011 when we lived in Winnipeg**


Yesterday was freezing cold. I’m not talking about -20.C or even -30.C, here with the windchill it was a blistering -45.C!!! Being a stay-at-home mom and having the school 14 houses away, I could not with a conscious drive my kids to school….. alas, we walked (bundled up to the max!)… brrrrrrr. What you need to understand with a cold that COLD, is that it is really really hard to warm up after wards. You should also know that I’m the kind of person who hates (HATES!) being cold, I think it’s the worst torture around. Usually I’m wearing a sweater, slippers, and have a little heater going even when the house is a balmy 73.F!


now that you know how cold it really was, and how much of a wimp I am you’ll understand why I wanted to turn my oven on and keep it that way all day! The only way I could do this was to bake and cook all day. Great timing too because I had been reading a bunch of blogs with amazing sounding treats on it that I just needed to try! Here it goes…..

Recipe #1 from iheartwellness is a wicked salt and vinegar guilt free tv munching snack!

Just as the site says: Mix together sunflower seeds, apple cider vinegar and sea salt!
I used 3 cups sunflower seeds,
3Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar and 3Tbsp of Sea Salt
Place in an oven for 250 (I turned it up to 325) and bake for 1-2 hours (stirring every 20 minutes).

I’m glad I did these first cause they were so delish to munch on while making the rest of my goodies!!

While snacking on these yummy treats, I was also making some AMAZING granola bars… This recipe is also from iheartwellness, On the site Kris makes them into ‘clusters’, but I ended up changing it up a bit , and adding / subtracting parts to suit my ingredients.  Here is what I did…

1 cup raw sunflower seeds

1 cup crushed walnuts
1 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut

1 cup cranberries

3 Tbsp Chia seeds
1tsp vanilla
1 cup melted coconut oil

Mix well together, put on cookie sheet and flatten. Place in freezer to set. While there make your chocolate sauce. I mixed together in a pot on the stove the following…

2 Tbsp butter (or coconut oil)
1 Tbsp cocoa
1 1/2 Tbsp Brown Sugar

Once the bars are set, take them out of the freezer, cut into desired sizes (bars or squares, etc), and drizzle still hot chocolate sauce. Put back into freezer to set chocolate and store in the fridge. Now, I’ve never made granola bars before, but these turned out so amazing, that even my hubby and kids were sneaking into the kitchen to wolf some more down!

So, I have now put away my cooled and flavoured sunflower seeds into a nice glass jar in the fridge. The bars are staying safe away from my fingers in a container in the fridge. And I’m starting to make some mint chocolate covered peanut butter balls. I found this recipe here on all day I dream about food so yum!!
I tweaked it a bit with half rice flour and half regular flour, and used a mint chocolate for some of them, and the rest I made chocolate with the cocoa powder….

Here is what they turned into..
This is the Chunky peanut butter, butter, vanilla, and flour mixed together (I used maple syrup instead of the sugar substitutes shes had listed) all rolled into cute little balls.

Put these into the freezer while you melt your chocolate….

Then dip each peanut butter ball into the melted chocolate, and place back into the freezer to set. Store in the fridge if you have any left! Yum!!

Mine have little holes in the tops from the toothpicks I put in them to help me with dipping!

While I was making all these, I also made a few dozen (ok, 5 dozen), of my kids fav flour free totally chocolate and peanut butter cookies….

you can find the recipe here from last time, and made some yummy gluten and dairy free butter chicken for dinner!

and so, after all this, I was tired, and worn out, and full of chocolate…. but best of all,

I WASN’T COLD!!!!!!!
(and better yet, my fridge was full of yummy healthy treats for the rest of the week!)


My daily tea ritual


Most every morning I have this. I love it. Such a nice change from coffee! There are so (SO) many health benefits to adding both Tumeric and Cinnamon to your day (cancer fighting, tumor fighting, anti-inflammatory), and more….
here is what I do…

Get your mug and tea bag (I’m using Tazo Zen Tea)

Add just boiled water

Add some tumeric

stir in some cinnamon (or add a stick of cinnamon, it’s pretty)

Drink it up!!

How do you drink your tea?

Can you find a Balance?

crisp & icecream

 I’ve had this problem for a while now, a few years actually… my problem is finding the right balance between having treats and …… well…. not having treats. I like to keep foods as Healthy as possible, and I’m a firm believer of not jumping on and off detoxes, diets and other food fads. There was a time where I went nearly 9 months without any sugar what so ever, no treats, not one cookie or muffin or chocolate or candy. But I don’t want that either, I think that we should eat what we like (and by that I don’t mean sugar filled candy, corner store chocolate bars, gummy worms and pop, I mean healthy cookies made with Maple Syrup or muffins made with Honey, etc).

I think it’s much better to try to eat the best you can all the time and not binge or starve. There are time though that I just can’t stop myself from eating these delish yet healthy treats, recently I made some really yummy (and healthy) Pumpkin and GingerBread muffins with a to die for Butter Cream icing (recipe here, thanks again OhSheGlows), yesterday I had 2, and today I had 2 too! This is where I feel the guilt, and I don’t want to feel guilty for eating a muffin, but I also don’t want to be stuck with this muffin top!

crisp & icecream

It’s not just now at the Holiday time that I find myself struggling with this, but it’s definatly more difficult around Thanksgiving & Christmas that’s for sure.

I’m wondering what YOU do about this Balance. Have you found a balance with treating yourself with sweets? Are you one who only has treats on the weekend, or for special occasions, do you make yourself workout for a cookie?

Please tell me what you do in the comments below, and how it works for you. Thanks!

My Truth about wanting to be RICH & the Journey of my Financial Struggles.

don't look back, you're not going that way


Have you ever felt so utterly embarrassed about a situation that you’ve ended up in, that you kept it a secret? Maybe something far in the past that has tarnished your view of the future, of yourself. Hidden deep in the depths of your memory a dark terrible secret that has prevented you from growing into a beautiful being that you were truly meant to be? Something that may or may not have been your fault directly, but is inevitably the ‘shit your sitting in’.


Welcome to my mind. To my beliefs.

The Limiting Beliefs I’m learning to let go of !!!

Growing up I wasn’t taught much about money. actually, that’s not entirely true. What I wasn’t taught was how powerful & positive money could be. I don’t think I’m alone in this, in fact I’m certain about that. It seems a tragic truth that many of us were brought up thinking money was scarce, people who had lots may not have been exactly ethical & that you had to work your butt off to make ends meet.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t grow up poor. I had many of the same things my friends had, that you had! & I was never denied any of my basic needs, gosh no… But I did grow up wanting things I couldn’t afford, stealing things I thought I needed & always ending up with ‘more month at the end of the money’.

This is difficult to write.

Hard to admit.

But somehow I just could never catch up!

This of course was due to a lack of knowledge & understanding the pure truth that it was… up to me.

But how?

diff who u r & what u want is what u do

If you know any of my story (read here) you know I didn’t grow up with the best of habits. I ate macaroni & cheese like it was the only thing keeping me alive. I smoked cigarettes & enjoyed to party. It’s no wonder I’ve always had issues with money right? (Now before you get started… I’m not playing any blame~game. I know my parents & teachers did the best they could.)

So wait… Now what?

The past is the past, I’m not a kid anymore. I have a family, a husband & a full-out epic health coaching career in front of me. Why haven’t things changed?

Priorities right?

Not learning my lesson right?

Not making enough?

Spending beyond my means?

Not being responsible?

So what the hell?


In the nearly 1/2 decade process of self-development & growth that I have been on with my gorgeous and supportive husband, I need to admit that this issue has been the hardest ever, as in embarrassing to admit. gut wrenching to talk about.

Don’t even ask how we got started it was so painful. But at the same time, the most beautifully revealing learning sessions of my life.


This silent struggle from my past had blocked me from abundance for far too long & I’m damn tired of letting it rule anymore!

This is tough to write. But it’s true.

How pathetic the feeling is to come into some unexpected money, or better yet, work your ass off for some ‘extra’ cash, just to have an equally unexpected bill or charge come & take it all away. The roller coaster of emotions that it takes you on is exhausting!

I mean, why bother right? Can it get better? Will it?

At my age, shouldn’t I have something put aside? A savings account. Something for a rainy day? For any day?


But wallowing in what’s not working is like sitting in a pile of shit so people don’t see you’ve soiled your pants.

Life is messy & rude sometimes. You’ve gotta wipe your hands off & walk proud that you made it this far. Who cares if you got a little dirty? Keep going. Just don’t sit in the shit anymore!

don't look back, you're not going that way

SO what have I learnt? How will things change now?

This journey has been tough. I’ve had to dig deep down & take a look at my mess. I had to get real about how I got to this point & forgive myself a hundred times over. I’ve had to see with clear unbiased eyes how I’ve continued living pay check to pay check & not gotten unstuck for this long. I’ve had to sit in quietness & convince myself that things will change. That I deserve more. That my family deserves more. That there is more for all of us. I’ve had to get clear on why the hell I even needed or wanted all this money! What would it do for me, for my family, for the world?

It was once said “if you don’t have a specific goal for your abundance, it will never come to you”

I believe this 100%. I needed to know where these riches would go. How would it impact the world. Our future. Well, I’m ready. I have a clear goal & damn it It’s Time!!