March Mantra

March Mantra! Conventional views serve to protect you from the painful job of thinking Go vegan! why not share this with your friends :) (tweet, share, pin, repost, <3)

February Mantra

February. The month of love. Ahhh love :) And Chocolate. Don’t forget Chocolate!!! :) This months Monthly Mantra is: ”Love is more powerful than kicking ass.” Jet Li what do you think about that? Let me know in the comments or on facebook :) Please share this :)

Ultimate Loser, or Ultimate Winner? You decide

Good morning my favorite Peeps!! How are you? How is your new year coming along. Have you stuck with your resolutions? Are you eating healthier, working out more, taking care of yourself? January 23rd & your already slipping? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone… Because this is such a difficult time of year (it’s still…

New Year. New You.

2013 Congrats to Everyone who made it thru 2012! Last year had some bumps for everyone I’m sure ;).  But here we are! Living. Breathing. Dreaming. Loving. Laughing. Eating. Sweating. Caring. Teaching. Learning. It’s 2013 Peeps!!!!! Take a look around. Every day is the promise of Something New. Something Exciting. Something Amazing. I’d love to…

January Monthly Mantra

WoW. 2013. Already? I can not believe it….. But I’m also SO excited!!!! How was your New Years Eve? Did you stay up till mid~nite? How ya feeling today :) ummhmm (me too!) I’ll keep it short & sweet. Welcome to a Brand New Year. Welcome to the beginning of anything you can dream of.…