Body Wraps & Pregnancy FAQ

So you have heard all about the incredible ItWorks! Wraps.

But you’re pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or just had your child & are nursing & you have questions?

From ItWorks Corporate…
Our products ARE naturally based.

From our It Works Product Coach:
We don’t recommend that pregnant or nursing moms use the
Ultimate Body Applicators or Defining Gel.


The reason ItWorks! does not recommend that women use the Ultimate Body Applicator or Defining Gel products when pregnant or nursing is because this may expose their baby (during development) to intense ingredients that are formulated just for adults.


This is to be conservative & is a strict ItWorks’ recommendation.
We are often asked if pregnant or nursing Moms can use any our products.

Of Course! :)

Our incredible Facial Applicators are fine to use since they do not as intense of ingredients. (yah!!!)

pregnant belly

Facials (<-order here)

Our products are safe & effective because our products are naturally based and carefully formulated to safely blend science with nature, there are many It Works products that pregnant women can feel comfortable using.

See this list. (click on the coloured link to order)

safe while pregnant

Check here for a list of all the ItWorks! products & the updated Info!

& here -> for some amazing ProFit recipes like this one

recipe cherry chocolate

As always, we recommend that you print off the ingredient lists and check with your doctor if you have any concerns about which of the ItWorks products are right for you right now.You can find ingredient lists for any of our products by clicking on “View Ingredients” on each individual product page (start here). Again, for supplements & other products, only use on your physician’s advice.

**And we have discovered that Royal Jelly is a MUST during pregnanacy, it PREVENTS premature labor and is GREAT for preemies.
GUESS WHAT…our GREENS (<- order here) contain Royal Jelly  (#3 Pregnancy Pick)!!!

greens photo

(click here->) for a full list of Greens ingredients

*If you want to wrap & are nursing, (I don’t recommend, but it is the mothers choice) please then wrap RIGHT after feeding, and only leave on for 45 minutes, no longer, and Drink that water!! * Please consult your dr. with more questions


136 thoughts on “Body Wraps & Pregnancy FAQ

  1. I have a perfectly healthy 6 month old and I am perfectly healthy. I am breastfeeding but supplementing at times and pump what I can at work. What would you recommend to help me maintain my weight and help me to loss a bit more And help with my energy level?

  2. I just took a pregnancy test and came out positive…I did a wrap a couple days ago should I be worried since it’s not safe to use it while pregnant??😳

  3. Can I use facial wraps on my arms while Pregnant and will it work? Or can I use the body applicator on my arms while pregnant?

      1. I just found out I was pregnant and I used the stomach wrap a few times should I be worried ?

  4. Hi! I have purchased the fat fighters, thermo fit, wraps, and stretch mark cream. I am Breast feeding a 10 month old but only 3 times a day tops! Could I use the thermo fit and fat fighters if I use a little less then recommended, and the wraps right after a nursing session? And is the stretch mark cream safe?

  5. Sorry if this was aready answered, but I didn’t see anyting on this page about the hair and nail pills. Are they pregnancy friendly?

  6. Hi. Was wondering if I can have the greens on the go powder and the greens chews while I’m pregnant?

    1. if you’re not pregnant then it’s safe. Why are you also taking prenatals? Do you wanna talk about your supplement needs more in depth? I’d love to chat!!


  7. I am currently breastfeeding (and pumping at work)… Was wondering if I am able to use the thermofit?? Is it safe while breastfeeding?

  8. I’m currently still breastfeeding my 2 year old ( 26 months). I was curious to what products I could use? I’ve read that you could use the skinny wrap and that it may dry up your milk. is this true? Also, if I do decide to use the skinny wrap while currently breastfeeding would it harm my daughter and, if so in what ways?

    1. Hi Krista, congrats on the baby.

      all the ‘safe’ products are listed on this page. The skinny wrap is not on the list. sorry for the misleading info you’ve gotten.


  9. Can a 16 month old drink the greens? My 2 year old has been for a year and I can’t remember the last time he was sick. He doesn’t eat enough vege’s or fruiits.

  10. I used one of the stomach wraps when I was about 1-2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. I am wondering what effects the detox process will have on the baby. Could this lead to the baby having higher heavy metals in her system from them being detoxed from me?

  11. Took a dose of the hair, skin, and nails because the rep said it was safe while breastfeeding, now I read that it’s not safe. Is my supply compromised? Will it affect my little one?

  12. Thank you for responding. Other than the greens what products can you use while breastfeeding? I was told the greens are safe. . Is that true?

  13. Hi there,

    I just had my twins 3 months ago and have done the wraps twice now with not a single inch lost! I am following all the rules and tips and tricks I found online and nothing. Is it too soon after baby? Hormones and stuff…? I am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I am def drinking enough water… Please help :(

  14. Hi there , I’m not pregnant now, but I’m planning to be that after two years, Is it safe to be pregnant after belly wraps or the belly will be stretched

    Thank you

    1. Areej,

      I think it’s totally safe to use before. Once you have had your children, you may use the wraps again. It’s all wonderfully natural hydration for your skin :)

      don’t forget to order here please ~>order<~

  15. I am currently Pregnant, but my prenatal and hormones are destroying my hair skin and nails. I was wondering if I could take hair skin nails while pregnant so supplement the nutrient loss.

    1. Ambrel.
      Please wait until you have given birth as the hormones tend to help with hair growth afterwards too. Keep in touch and when you have your bundle of joy email me and well talk about your wishes.

  16. Hi, I’m 3 months pregnant and was wondering if there are any wraps for the thighs and if it is safe to use now at 3 months along?

  17. I was just wondering I have been using the defing gel on my legs and butt for about a week my best friend who is a distributor said it is safe to use there while nursing. Is this true or should I stop?

  18. Can I use the facial wraps on my belly to tighten and firm? Also, the cleansing gel that helps to tighten too? I just want to get rid of the flabby belly a easy way, hahaa….Note: I am breast feeding

  19. Hi there, not sure if you are still answering questions but I have used a wrap on my abdomen and have taken 4 fat fighters so far in the past 2 weeks (as a trial from a distributor) and just found out I am pregnant… I’m am extremely worried! Please Help! Also where can I find the ingredients to show to my OB?

  20. I am breast feeding and already purchased the wrap pack unknowingly that it can not be used while breast feeding and my wraps expire in 2 months! I am desperate to get rid of my flabby belly and stretch marks. I purchased the stretch mark cream and was told it takes months to notice a difference, is that only for dark marks bc mine are white and was told those don’t go away. I need to tighten and tone but don’t know what to buy…

    1. Destiny.
      Congrats on the new addition! You are safe to use the stretch mark cream. It should work on both light & dark marks, keep trying, I’m sure you’ll love the results. As for your wraps, don’t worry…. you can always use them right after feeding if you feel comfortable, otherwise they should be ok for longer then the expiry date as long as you keep them in a cool dark place tightley sealed :)

      1. Thank you! My wraps are still in package in my closet. I’ll be bf’ing till at least April. Can I use the facial wraps on my belly to tighten and firm? Also, the cleansing gel that helps to tighten too? I just want to get rid of the flabby belly a easy way, hahaha.

    1. The greens are ok occasionally. please talk with your doctor to make sure. I’d personally use them in the last 1/2 of the pregnancy. Ask the Dr. is what ItWorks says :)
      get them here if it’s ok please ~> GreenS

    2. Hi CB, I can tell you that I feel tat Greens are mostly responsible for my current pregnancy. I am 39 years old and overweight and I felt I would never get pregnant. I started using greens and after 4 months, 25 lb weight lost, I WAS PREGGERS. I am now 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I feel amazing.

      Oh I took the ingredients to my doctor and he said some of them promote fertility.

    1. Greens (found here) are pretty safe when breast feeding, don’t go over the reccomended dose tho. Wrapping I would say is best after breastfeeding is done, or if you can’t wait that long, wait until your baby is down to only a few (2-3) feedings a day & wrap right after the last feeding. Wraps are found here~> wraps!

  21. My husband and I have been trying to become pregnant for a couple months. We are going on vacation soon, and was wondering if I could use the applicators on my abdomen area, but not really quite sure yet if I am pregnant, it is too early to tell. Is it safe to still use them?

  22. Hi I currently found out I’m pregnant, I’m about 6weeks and I’d like to know if I can wrap my face, my chin, my back and my arms??? If I can’t do all can you please let me know what I can wrap thank you so much, I’m really interested!

      1. you can, but your body will be changing so much throughout the preganacy you may want to wait. It is still safe to use & will totally work, just not as ‘intense’. if you’d like to try, please order here~> Order Here

  23. Is it safe to use the wraps In-between pregnancies? My daughter is 18mo now and we plan on trying for another at the end of the summer. Should I wait until we are done having children.

  24. I am pregnant going on 20 weeks! If i use the face wrap, will it make my face skinnier looking ?? & how about the arm wrap? Am I allowed to use that too, since its not on the stomach? Really curious!

    1. facial wrap is totally fine. the body wraps ingredients are more concentrated, I’d wait until you’re done with the pregnancy :) try this package, it’s my fav!!

      1. Kassandra. The facial wraps are safe for pregnant and nursing moms. They will also tighten tone & firm. Have you ordered them yet? There’s a link above to order them ;)

  25. The picture of the round pregnant belly with the facial applicator made me laugh! Is that just a silly pic or is that something recommended to keep stretch marks away? I am a distributer and think it would be a great way to market them to pregnant women if there is any truth to that! Haha!

  26. If I’m breast feeding an used it works wraps. How long should I wait to breast feed? Is there an amount of time it stays in your system?

    1. I would breast feed first. make sure you only wear it for 45 minutes, then maybe even pump n dump afterwards. The wraps work for up to 72 hours, so that’s how long the natural ingredients are in your bod. good luck :)

      1. I am 6 weeks pregnant. Am i able to use the defining gel or just the face applicator? I just want my face skinnier.

  27. I had a miscarriage yesterday I was only 5 weeks pregnant can I still use my it work products? I have the wraps the greens, defining gel and the fight fighter. Because I want to start them already :/ please let me know

  28. I am 31 weeks pregnant and interested in trying the Hair Skin Nails product – do you know if this is safe to use while pregnant (and nursing)?

      1. I’m in the same boat it seems like my hair is falling out I am 25 weeks and is strongly thinking about breast feeding but want to try this product out . Is it safe ?

    1. HI Tracy I was wondering what your doctor said about the hair skin and nails product while pregnant?

      1. Mariah,
        beacuse you plan on having more children so soon, I’d say wait… but it’s totally up to you :)
        try the wrap pack, it’s my fav! /

  29. Hello I want to know if it is safe for me and most of anything my child to do the body wraps if I just gave birth and is currently breast feeding

    1. Irma,
      Corporate has said that it is not advisable to use the wraps while pregnant or breast feeding. The wraps are also meant for adults. Sorry. Please let me know when you are done breastfeeding & I’ll be more then happy to help you :)

  30. Hello! My husband and I just started trying to get pregnant. Are the wraps safe to use until I get a positive pregnancy test? If I don’t get pregnant for awhile then I’d like to be using them but not at the expense that they could hurt the baby if I do find out I’m pregnant.

  31. Hi-
    I didn’t know I was pregnant and I used the wrap on my abdomen when I was about 4-5 weeks along. I’m a little worried after finding out it is not recommended while you are pregnant. Do you know what the potential harmful effects are to a fetus? Thanks you for your time-

    1. Erin, thanks for the question. I don’t think there is too much to worry about, but if you are concerned take the ingredients to your dr. to check. Congrats on the new addition!

      1. I am currently breastfeeding my twins once a day. This is only during the night to help them fall asleep. they are turning 13 months and i am desperate to use my body wraps but of course my kiddos are first and their safety..but do u know if it would be able to use them in my stomach,legs, etc..????????

      2. I think it would be safe. best to wrap as soon as you feed them & not afterwards. ask your dr. if you are really concerned.

        let me know :)


  32. I am 30 weeks pregnant and was told that its safe to use the defining gel on my stretch marks during pregnancy, then I read something else that says its not safe. I would just like the facts about it to know that I won’t be harming my baby. Is the defining gel a detox product?

    1. Hi Alyssa,
      congrats on your new upcoming addition. As per our corporate head office, they do not reccomend the defining gel while pregnant. They do have a special stretch mark cream that is safe, you can find it here ~
      If you have already used the defining gel & are at all concerned, please take the ingredients to your dr.
      thanks for the important question!

  33. hi, I was wondering if I could use the it works wraps on my thighs and arms because I am pregnant and have gained some weight in those areas. was just wondering if it was safe!

    1. hi Carleen, congrats on the baby news :) & thanks for the query!
      I have to tell you, the wraps are NOT approved for use while being pregnant. You can of course come back after your done breastfeeding & try them out there! There is an incredible stretch mark cream that is safe for use while pregnant. I would totally reccomend that!
      the facial items are also safe while pregnant as well, I would recommend the greens. full of incredible goodness!!!

      1. Hi, I was told by many reps of it works that it is OK to use wraps on legs and arms please let me know. I also use the stretch mark cream but was also wanting to use wraps between the legs and my big arms…. Helpppp I’m 4months preggo and gaining fast

      2. Hello Ness. I’m not sure who told you that, but if you are pregnant, then I would NOT suggest it. This is a special time & your body will go thru crazy incredible changes. that is normal. I would suggest waiting until afterwards. See how well your body bounces back & then consider the wraps. Gaining weight is suppose to happen when your are growing a baby! Congrats & Good Luck (hope to speak with you more in 4-5 months!!)

  34. Not trying to cause you any sales problems here… I love It Works products and am a distributor myself but I wanted to let you know that the Greens actually also have an ingredient in them that could increase the chance of miscarriage. The Red Raspberry Leaf could cause problems as it can actually be used to induce labour.

    1. Hi Dawn. Thanks for the message. Your right that the greens have red raspberry leaf. It’s traditionally been used for centuries to help strengthen the uterus. For this reason it is not used in the first half of pregnancies, (the strengthening can cause uterus contractions or spasms, therein lies the miscarriage concerns) but after that is not only safe, but quite helpful! (Think easier delivery with a strong uterus!!) The amount in the greens is minimal, but if you have any worries, just take the ingredients list to your doc or mid~wife & they’ll help you out. Thanks again, & good luck with your ITWORKS venture. It truly is life changing!!

      1. would we only take the greens after the first half of pregnancy, or can we take it in the beginning also?

      2. Jasmine,
        thanks for the question. If it were ME, then I would feel safe taking the greens after around the 5th month of preganancy. I know many ladies who took them throughout their entire pregnancy. If you are concerned, I would print off the ingredients & take them to your dr. Hope that helps :)

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