Death by Chocolate Reviews

Ever have a Chocolate hang~over?

Wow…. It hurts…..

All of you wonderful people out there owe me… Big Time!!!

Truthfully? It was my Pleasure to do this for you 🙂

Here is goes, my Review of some Amazing Chocolate Bars…

(& just in time for Valentines Day!!)


Camino ~Fair Trade & Organic

Made in Switzerland (a love of mine)

55% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

I bought the Espresso Chocolate (again). I love this bar because the taste of Espresso is so wonderful with the smooth Chocolate, it makes my mouth smile!  This Bar is a relatively inexpensive (4$/100g) staple in my purse or cupboard. It’s a guilty pleasure that I love to have always around just in case!

Element Wild Sweets

Made in Richmond B.C.

70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

I had never seen these before this week, but I’m so glad I found it. A bit pricey (5$ for 65g) I tried the Lemon Black Truffle Peanut Praline & Roasted Peanuts (not shown). It was so smooooth & Creamy! I loved having the Truffle taste in there too, I felt special eating Truffles & Chocolate!  I also tried the Sesame Wakame Praline & Vanilla Maldon Salt, this one was interesting…. It was pretty smooth, but I honestly only tasted the salt & Sesame. It had a slight dusty taste & I’m not sure if that was the Maldon or not…. I can only say I thought it was ok,  (I learnt that I don’t like Sesame in Chocolate).

Organic Fair

Made right here on Vancouver’s Main Island in Cobble Hill

It’s certified Organic Fair Trade & 70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

I tried the Cherries & Ginger Bar. It was THE BOMB!!!! I can’t even tell you how amazing these flavours came together, usually Ginger is just a flavour you taste in bars, but this one you could actually feel the Chunks of Ginger along with pieces of Cherry! YUM. They make so many different cool creations, I just wish I had gotten them all! At nearly 4$ a Bar for 44g, it’s probably more of a treat then a staple, but they are so close to home, I may have to just go & beg for a job (& yes, they can pay me in Chocolates!!!!) I also tried the Maple Syrup, Sundried Apples & Alder Smoked Salt which was also Amazing! ~who knew such flavours could come together so well?


Made in Vancouver B.C.

Organic & 70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

This is one of those chocolates that is a total win~win situation. Love Chocolate? YES Want to be Healthy? YES Why not both? Because of all of it’s superb Health Benefits (increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones & enhance libido) you don’t have to feel guilty eating it. In fact, eating a little a day is GOOD for you!!! (they actually recommend eating 1/2 a bar daily~ um, OK!!) (aprox 5$ for 40g)


Made in the USA

The Coconut Bar with Dark Chocolate is a staple in our house for my Husband. He loves Coconut to death, & when you cover it in Chocolate he goes nuts! More of a snack bar with the added bonus of Chocolate, it’s a super yummy, chewy, healthy ‘treat’ snack to have in your car or bag at all times! For around 2-3$ for 53g, it’s well worth it.

Denman Island

Made near by on Denman Island BC

Certified Organic

I love Denman Island Chocolate. When I see it, I usually buy it. I love their Hazelnut, Rosemary, Espresso & Ginger ones the best….. This time I decided to try their little buddha shaped Hazelnut & Ginger ones instead (pictured with their mini frog shaped mint chocolate). What can you say about Bite~Sized Bliss? YUMMMM  (or maybe I should say OHM). I wanted more & more. I want them all. Each one has such a strong delish flavor! At aprox 2-4$ per treat, these are well worth it. Buy more then one, heck~ order a box!

Green & Blacks

Made in the Uk

Organic & 55-85% Cacao/Dark Chocolate (Cherry is only 60%)

I love the Dark Chocolate with Cherry. It will always hold a sweet spot in my heart because it’s 2 of my dear loves together! For me, it’s always a go~to if I need a pick~me~up 🙂 A staple in always hidden in my house for times of need! (only 4$ for 100g). This Bar has actual BIG chuncks of Chewy Cherries in it, not hard or crunch, Yummy!!!


Made in the USA

only 37% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

This Chocolate intriged me with it’s Chai & Ginger flavour. I’m not sure why (as I don’t like Chai ~ but I do love Ginger). If you like Chai, then you may like this ~ please tell me if you do…. & that’s all I have to say about that.


Made in Germany

70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

This is another Fair Trade Chocolate, this one in particular helps support Families in Ghana. I tried the one with Real Raspberries in it & it was really nice to have real fruit in it. I was crunching seeds & all!  I don’t care for Raspberries enough to have this as a staple, but the freshness of the fruit & the smooth chocolate is a such winner! (5$ for 100g), if you Love Raspberries try this one out!


Are you a Choco~holic? or can you live without this ‘treat’?

What do you think of my Death by Chocolate Review? Have I insprired you to try any new types of Chocolate?

What are your favorite go~to chocolates?

2 thoughts on “Death by Chocolate Reviews

  1. Gillian Young says:

    I’ve been dying to try that Denman Island chocolate! We alternate between Green&Blacks, Camino, Endangered Species and Lidntt for the most part, but my absolute favourite is a super creamy dark chocolate I smuggle back from France (Poulain)!

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Just the thought of smuggling chocolate in from another (romantic) country makes me drool! When you run out buy some Denman Island stuff, you can’t go wrong!!

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