Week 3 of my 1/2 Marathon Training!


Ever have those kind of weeks where you just don’t have the time to scratch your own head? If I didn’t have a visitor staying with us, a pile of papers to go thru, a back log of recipes, a vacation to go on, & the motivation of a lazy slug,Β yadda~yadda~yadda, well……………. then I would have totally worked out hard core & ran a ton of milesπŸ˜‰

As I did have a special visitor staying with us, I did have a pile of papers to go thru, I did (do) have a back log of recipes to sift thruπŸ˜‰ , I did haveΒ  a wonderful vacation to go on & I for sure had the motivation of a lazy slug….. Well, I didn’t do a whole lot of running or working out😦

~ **This just in** I read here from Brooke of Nurish Surf Exert that taking a little break during training won’t set you back so much, especially since it was less then a week~ that being said, I really do have to step it up a big ol’ notch!)


I did do a bunch of Burpees tho~ in fact, we stoped EVERYWHERE between Salt Spring Island & Tofino do to them (our Vacation was Whale Watching in Tofino)! Here’s me on Long Beach doing one!

And here’s the best I could do with all the videos we took of our Burpees. I’m new with the whole ‘movie’ & YouTube thing so please bare with meπŸ˜‰

Family Burpees

At any rate, I did get a few miles in, I kept my average of about 6.1 to 6.4 per km. I also picked up some 20pd weights & took them for a ‘spin’. I love the way my arms burn after the short shoulder reps & arm curls I’ve been doing. I’m also using my 15 pd bar~bells in my sit~ups. I’m hoping it will help tone up the ab section.

What are your go~to ab workouts? I need some new fresh ideas.

Do you visualize anything while you run?

While I’m running, I have the music blaring & I visualize myself running with a straight back, tight abs, muscular sexy arms & legs & long flowing hair in the wind.πŸ˜‰ , I know it may sound funny, but that’s what I do ! (hey, Visualization has worked so many times for me before, why not this too??)

* as this post is really lacking in the depth & info department I have a few special recipes coming your way in a unusual post tomorrow, so please look out for them!


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