Reading for the week :)

What a week! Have you all recovered from the Easter madness? I’m slowly coming down from the Chocolate OverDose~ but then again, being Ukrainian means we get Easter again this week… oh~oh! Hope your time with Family & Friends was special!

Today is Friday the 13th ~ & I love it! This day has never been bad luck for me & today is no different. I got to sleep in a bit, had an out~of~this~world run with my hubby

(farthest run yet, best pace yet & got to hang with my babe, that’s a win~win~win if you ask me). It’s going to be a chill day for me, although my babe had to make an unexpected trip to the main land to get his iPhone fixed (he dropped it while we were running & the glass just didn’t survive)…


Here is what I thought was worth reading this week. Please, grab your mug of coffee, tea or wine 😉 (depending on the time zone), & enjoy!

I have an on again off again obsession with wanting to sprout. I really really REALLY want to try it, but still haven’t gotten the ‘guts’ to try. Have you tried? Here’s a recipe for sprouted granola to try if you do. (let me know how it ends up, looks delish!)

Love this post by Gabby on Conscious Diva’s about Stop~Drop & Pray we all should take more time for ourselves!

This post on just start from Crazy Sexy Life was great too. Read them back to back as they have a lot in common I think 🙂

I showed this last week, but I’ve been re~reading it all week-long. Liz from Gentle Living has a great post with 25 self care tips if you haven’t printed these off yet, do it now!

Here is an amazing video by Danielle LaPonte. I’ve been watching it every day (sometimes a few times a day) since she made it live. Love it! I think you will too!

I thought this post on Conscious Diva’s was cute. Although I have no children leaving the nest, I am a newly working mom, & that’s still pretty hard. Little things to remember…..

I love Dr.Weil’s. Do you know him? You should. Here he talks about Cauliflower. My family loves this veggie, & you should too!

Want to know the top 20 Green & Caring Bands? Check it out here!

Jess at Wellness Warriors always has an inspiration board. I wanted to share it this week with you all. Hope you like it!

Heart Burn, who doesn’t get it (well, I don’t), but most people who eat a SAD (standard american diet) do, here are a few Natural Remedies that may help.


Hope you liked the reading picks I have for you this week. Tell me what you thought. What kinds of things do you like reading about most? What are your plans for the weekend?




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