Take a load off your mind & your wallet! Special offer from VEEVA!

Hi everyone. Hope you’re feeling great. I was going to wait until Friday to share this amazing deal, but I just can’t wait. The amazing Veeva has just sent along a special discount for anyone who wants to give it a try. This is such a great deal too! If you don’t know about Veeva yet where have you been? (just kidding 😉 ~ check out these top posts about Veeva

here where I review my experiences with Veeva

& here where I talk about Veeva in regards to Stress)

The coupon is only good until May 31~2012 so you need to hurry~hurry!!! I know you won’t be disappointed in its ability to relieve stress, it’s all Natural Ingredients list is like a who’s~who of Adaptogens & Stress Butt Kickers! Click on the Coupon & Order some today!

You Naturally Coupon

Here’s to you being You.Naturally (stress~free!)

5 thoughts on “Take a load off your mind & your wallet! Special offer from VEEVA!

  1. Lungesandluncvh says:

    This is a great deal and I love that it’s natural. But I have heard from a naturopath that it’s not a good idea to take 5-HTP if someone is on anti-anxiety meds or anti-depressants. Apparently you can wean off one and get onto the other, but they recommended that this be done with supervision.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Great question!! In my opinion there isn’t enough 5~htp to warrant concerns, but if you are on serious meds you should for sure consult your NP. That being said there are a few individuals who have weaned off serious meds & onto Veeva quite successfully.

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