What you need to read this weekend!

Happy June everyone!!!! Hi all you gorgeous followers! How has your week been going? For some of you it’s been a short week right? Well, short, long, easy or tough, let’s get a mug of tea (I’m drinking “Harney & Sons Tropical Green ~ green tea with pineapple flavor~ yum), a cup of coffee, a fresh pressed juice or a glass of wine (depending on the time zone), snuggle up & get to reading what I think is wonderful out there right now!

Conscious Diva’s has a cute 21 rules to live by post. I love the one about not judging. I have to admit that I’m too guilty of that one. I really need to practice!

Kris Carr’s site has some wonderful tips on how to try eating Raw. Easy, Simple, Slow & Steady. Check it out here to see just how to go about trying! It’s for your health & I’m pretty sure you won’t regret itπŸ™‚ She also has a Wicked post about your thoughts & how you are probably projecting some nasty stuff out into the world.

OhSheGlows is one of my Go~To sites for Recipe Inspiration. The month of June she is having a Salad Challenge. I’m all over that Healthy mess, are you? Go check it out & let’s share favorites!!

Have you ever made you’re own Sauerkraut? My hubby has (as I’m a little scaredy~cat when it comes to things like that). The Detoxinista has a great & easy recipe here if you want to give it a try. There are a million benefits to eating fermented foods, try to add it into your routine!

While I don’t think everyone is Celiac, I do think that the Grains of today are EVIL. That being said, I really want everyone to take care in the types of grains that you buy & feed yourselves & family. Quinoa, Brown Rice (sprouted of course) & many ancient grains should be fine when used moderately. But the grains of today (yes, whole grains even) should not be ingested because they just can’t be tolerated properly in our bodies. Wellness Warrior Jess tells you more here.

Stress is such a daily thing for people now. If you can’t get out to meditate at least do your best to give your body what it needs to help fight or repair from this monster. WakeUp World has a post on that here.

I have a bone to pick with “Healthy” Brands toting Unhealthy foods to unsuspecting people who are just trying to do good. Here is an article about ‘energy bars‘ AKA ‘fancy’ granola bars, which do you buy thinking they’re good for you?

Posture is very important to a healthy spine, heart, head, and so much more. Here, GreenMedInfo has a tip on improving your posture! (practice practice practice!!)

And last but not least, here is my post again on doing my first ever 10k! It’s been nearly a week since then, & I’m feeling really great. Proud that I finished & excited to get this 1/2 Marathon done too! (say, have you taken a moment to donate to the Charity I’m running for? It’s David Suzuki you know & every little bit helps!!)

One thought on “What you need to read this weekend!

  1. thehealthyfitdiva says:

    I read em….don’t ditch this post!!! Maybe a list format or number format would make easy reading but I love your roundupπŸ™‚ Off to read about grains from the wellness warrior

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