New Year, New Me, New You, New Us :)

fireworksHappy Happy 2014 Lovies ❤

Happy New Years to you

Happy New Years to you

Happy New Years my beautiful YouNaturally Community

Happy New Years to you!!

So, what did you do for New Years Eve? Are you a night~on~the~town kinda person or a stay@home & cuddle kind? Do you ring in the New Year with fireworks & champagne or Dream~boards & a Smudge?

I did what I usually do, stayed in with my 3 boys & reflected on all of our incredible accomplishments of 2013 as well as getting excited & planning for our epic dreams to come in 2014. We ordered the most amazing fresh sushi from down the street (a 3rd year tradition for us now) & of course had some bubbly.

photo 1-2

A ridiculous amount of sushi on that table, along with Edammame beans, deep-fried tofu & of course, my favorite (3 rolls of it), the Veggie Sushi!

sushi order2

This year we also took a walk along the sea at low tide & felt the cool power of the Full Moon & the strong pull of the receding tide all at once. It was mesmerizing & I could have stood there for hours!

photo 5-2

& now…. it’s already January 7th!

I wondered if I would compose a New Years post. & if so, what would I write about….

New Years Resolutions?

Lessons I’ve learnt?

A New Years Health Regimen?

New Goals, Wishes, Dreams.

I took some time (obviously) to decide what to write. I wanted to write something! After all New Years is a powerful time for me. It’s an important time to reflect on all the incredible accomplishments that I have achieved. It’s a time to celebrate all the triumphs big & small that have come my way. It’s a time to be happy, & proud, & grateful. It’s also a special chance to let go of hurts, old feelings & anything else that doesn’t serve a higher purpose in my life. A time to take the lessons I’ve learnt & apply them as my new familiar habits. New Years is a time to dream & put forth solid plans for new wishes & hopes. A time to open your heart & imagination to what could be.

So this is how I spent my New Years Eve & this is what I’ve decided to share; that I love you all, all your support & questions, your follows, comments & shares.  I hope you all had an incredible New Years Eve, filled with laughter, wishes, dreams, shooting stars, loved ones & miracles. I am so excited for another year of us spending it together ❤

From my family to yours, Thank you & Happy New Years!

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