ItWorks! Greens Testimony

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6 thoughts on “ItWorks! Greens Testimony

  1. Teddi says:

    Hi there, I know this is repetitive question but I am a bit confused and want to make sure. The it greens are on the safe list for if your pregnant, which is also safe while breastfeeding. What greens products are safe?
    I saw another post saying they were not safe.
    Thank you

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      I would take your greens ingredients to your dr. ItWorks does not say the greens are safe (due to the black walnut & raspberry leaf)… but your dr may be ok with it. If I was pregnant again, I would prob take it during my last trimester (as long as I was healthy & had no risks or issues)… again, ask a trusted doctor 🙂


  2. Paige Love says:

    I have been taking Greens to Go for almost a week and had noticed that my acid reflux – which was acting up even WITH medication – has not been bothering me since beginning my daily drink. I’m looking forward to see if this continues – and if I experience more benefits.

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      I’m so SO happy to hear that. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at all the incredible benefits you notice! Keep us in the loop 🙂

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