3 Weeks of FREE Coaching??? Yes Please!!!

Summer is on it’s way. It’s seriously just around the corner. And I know you wanna have a smokin’ hot bikini bod for the beach this year.

It’s your time to shine & show it off girl!

So why not get a head start with 3 weeks of FREE coaching from yours truly 😉

These 3 weeks will include:

  • incredibly yummy smoothie & juice recipes
  • heart pumping workouts that only take 15 minutes out of your day!
  • self love rituals that will release all that stagnant winter blah energy
  • healthy & filling meals that will slim you down naturally
  • my kitchen clean up list that will make is uber easy to stay fit & healthy
  • total support & motivation in our exclusive facebook group
  • personal access to moi via email & texts
  • and SO much more 🙂

All this can be yours tomorrow, but you need to act *NOW!!!

The only way to get these 3 weeks of Health Coaching for FREE is to order the special bogo wrap deal!!!


What’s the bogo wrap deal?


I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘crazy wrap thing’ right? No??? then read on…..

This crazy wrap thing is an all natural wrap that all my clients use after they work with me. It’s a special treat at the end of all that hard work of getting healthier.

(see unreal real life photos here & here & here)

It’s awesome ingredients bust through your skin to help tighten, tone & firm any & all loose & flabby/saggy skin! (& we all have some after we lose weight & feel great)

So, what are you waiting for?

Click on the correct link below & confirm your loyal customer subscription to be signed up for my 3 weeks of FREE health coaching!

usa orders






(purchase in the USA)

*(BOGO orders will only be processed between the hours of midnight(cst) Wednesday April 22, 2015 until midnight(cst) Thursday April 23, 2015). **


canada orders






(purchase in Canada)

to be eligable for the bogo event & thus the 3 weeks of FREE coaching, you must sign up as a loyal customer. That means, either

1~> 3 months of ordering (any) product


2~> paying a 50$ membership fee to itworks

**Maximum bogo orders is 5 (FIVE) free boxes of wraps with 5 boxes paid.

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