Challenge accepted!

Hey everybody! In about 14 days we are starting another “YouNaturally Weight Loss” challenge. 
I’m so exited!!! 

It’s for 30 straight days & has a sweet cash prize for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ‘losers’.  (Last round, first won $200 and 2nd/3rd won $150/$100.) 
It’s based off weightloss percentage & pics. If you’re interested, text me ASAP!!! (2502210377) 

Buy in is $15 & it all goes to the winners. There’s a support group, meal plan ideas & more included!! Hope to have you!!!

Summer is officially here!!!! 

SUMMER is here☀️!!!! 
You may be looking for something to do….. & I’m looking for 4 university or college students who need a summer job 💵 who still want to enjoy their summer vacation while working on their own terms!! 

This person needs to be someone who wants to earn a FREE CRUISE to the Bahamas⛱and earn a $500 bonus for new cruise wear!!

This opportunity would be a perfect fit for you if you are.

Already on social media
Have a mobile
Love sharing & helping others. 

text me ASAP !! 📲2502210377

hello world, it’s me (again).

It’s been a long while since I’ve bared my soul here on YouNaturally.

To be honest, I’ve taken a few detours, made a few insane moves & unfortunately lost my true passion & purpose in the process of trying to have more instead of becoming more.

That’s the hard truth. 💔

I fell out of love with my self, my job, my home, my life & more.
I fell into a deep depression & tried to eat & drink my way out.
I pretended that things were great, that I was happy & that life was bliss.
I put bandaid on top of bandaid in order to cover up my bruises.
I sat for a long while in my very own pile of shit & waited for someone to rescue me.

At the urging & full support of my soulmate, I’ve taken a break from things.

A big break.

From the many things I thought were important.

I wanted clarity.

No I NEEDED clarity & in order to find that I needed to just stop.

So I dropped many of my to-do’s & just listened.
om in cathedral grove

It’s a scary thing to do.

To just stop & listen.

And wait.

But it didn’t take as long as I had imagined (or feared) to hear the whisper in my heart reminding me of my loves.

My passions.

My purpose.

At first I will admit that I was scared. What if these whispers were false. What if it was a trick to get me to commit & believe in something that wasn’t going to come true. I couldn’t take any more rejection.

But the more I listened, the more I knew in my heart that this was my passion. My truth. My dreams. My self.

So now I’m back bitches 😍. And I couldn’t be more happier & straight up ganster trippin’ on my path!

Can you even wait to see what’s to come? I can’t wait to share it with you all.


your turn to shine

Detoxing (again) & everyday 

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I LOVE to detox. I love it!

Don’t get scared tho, because there are so many ways to detox & give your body the break it needs & deserves. You don’t need to give it all up 😳

So today I decided that I was going to do a quick one day fast. A day of relaxing & just drinking nourishing drinks.


  It’s not a hard as you think! And it’s really phenominal way to give your bod a break, flood it with nourishment & get rid of the gunk.

So I drank some amazing kale & beet & ginger juices. I made some of the magical & yummy ‘lemonade’, I had a fab detox bath & gave myself a wicked clay/charcoal mask!

So I’m making some nice herbal tea, stretching in the sun & giving my mind a little break too (meditation is such a great detoxing tool) It’s gonna be a early night too. Cause sleep is important too!

Truth be told, I’m most likely gonna wrap myself too. It’s such a luxurious way to pamper myself during this break.


3 Weeks of FREE Coaching??? Yes Please!!!

Summer is on it’s way. It’s seriously just around the corner. And I know you wanna have a smokin’ hot bikini bod for the beach this year.

It’s your time to shine & show it off girl!

So why not get a head start with 3 weeks of FREE coaching from yours truly😉

These 3 weeks will include:

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All this can be yours tomorrow, but you need to act *NOW!!!

The only way to get these 3 weeks of Health Coaching for FREE is to order the special bogo wrap deal!!!


What’s the bogo wrap deal?


I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘crazy wrap thing’ right? No??? then read on…..

This crazy wrap thing is an all natural wrap that all my clients use after they work with me. It’s a special treat at the end of all that hard work of getting healthier.

(see unreal real life photos here & here & here)

It’s awesome ingredients bust through your skin to help tighten, tone & firm any & all loose & flabby/saggy skin! (& we all have some after we lose weight & feel great)

So, what are you waiting for?

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walnut cranberry salad (1 of 1)

The long weekend came and went

So I’ve done it (another mini lemonade cleanse). I’m sitting here (actually I’m stretching as I type ~ gotta love multi-tasking!), and I feel pretty good. Besides being a little under the weather the last few days, I’ve done great. I stuck with my plan of smoothies and salads (except that Sat and Sun night I had soup :tom yum and pho instead because I had a slight fever and felt some soup was better then a salad). anyways, I’ve done it and I feel like I want to do this for a few more days. I don’t feel ‘done’ yet you know? I must admit tho, this time around I feel like my relationship with food has somehow changed. My husband talked about this ‘change’ last time we did the lemonade cleanse. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about until now, and I’m not sure I can explain it, but I really feel differently about food right now.
The only way to explain it may be to say that I’m consciously eating to live and not just eating every yummy thing in my path.
So the plan as of today is to continue this eating, cleansing, detoxing, exercising, thing I have going on and see what happens by Thursday.
Why Thursday, well, dunno…. seems like a good night to me. If nothing else I will re-evaluate and see what’s what then.Till then, I’m off to Costco for some nuts, frozen cherries, coconut oil and whatever else happens to jump into my cart! (does this happen to everyone…. I hope so…)

p.s. My new fav salad is a mix of lettuces, crushed walnuts, dried cranberries, a few cloves of minced garlic and some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. SO YUM!

walnut cranberry salad (1 of 1)

here’s my photo

Have a Great Week❤