baby bump


Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing.

baby bellyI’m looking for 5 more soon~to~be~mama’s who don’t want tiger stripes. If that’s you, lets get you started on the Health Canada Approved Prenancy Safe Stretch Mark Cream!

There are so many incredible ups & downs of being pregnant (cravings, foot rubs & growing another person), giving birth (finally meeting your baby) & of course being a mom (don’t get me started!) Stretch Marks don’t have to be one of them! I’m all for being proud of what we’ve put our bodies through (growing another human being inside of us is beyond an incredible feat), but why have them if you don’t have to?

If you’re on this secret page, you are in my special #babybelly group! Give our incredible stretch mark cream a try as a loyal customer & I’ll send you one of our fabulous (& pregnancy safe) Facials too, they’re amazing for hydration!

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