Body Wrap Instructions

Body Wraps How To & Tips

I want you to get the Absolute BEST results when using the wraps & I’m sure you do too. After all no one wants to waste their time or money!

The package instructions are quite simple & pretty basic.

  1. Choose the area where you will apply the Ultimate Body Applicator.
  2.  Wash & dry the area thoroughly.
  3.  Open the internal pouch & unfold the applicator.
  4.  Apply with the lotion side towards the skin.
  5.  Smooth out the applicator ensuring good contact to skin.
  6.  Secure the applicator in place with fab wrap, plastic wrap or form fitting clothing.
  7.  Wear the applicator for  a minimum of 45 minutes. If this is your first time using the Ultimate Body Applicator wear for only 45 minutes to test your skin’s sensitivity to the natural ingredients.
  8.  Remove applicator & discard (applicators are only to be used once).
  9.  Rub in remaining lotion into skin.

*Use one Ultimate Body Applicator every 72 hours. For best results apply Defining Gel daily between Applicator uses. Best if used immediately after opening.

But if you want more then basic instructions, follow how I personally wrap myself.

I STRONGLY recommend you  follow these tips.


exactly word for word.

Don’t write me & tell me you didn’t see any results if you didn’t follow this page exactly!!!

Also, please keep in mind that a FULL TREATMENT is considered 4 wraps on the SAME body area. If you have more than one area to target, you will need additional boxes for each.  If you follow what I’ve written for you below, you will see results. Do not email after one wrap. One Treatment is what we go for 🙂

*buy yours here*

#1 ~ Take your before pictures!

Take a picture of the area you are going to wrap.  (When you take your picture after you take your wrap off & at 72 hours, make sure you’re in the same position & same distance on all your pictures).  When you take your after picture, you will be amazed at the difference! You see yourself every day and won’t realize how much you’ve really changed until you look at the two pictures together. Trust me on this!  Take your pictures!!FullSizeRender

*if you have purchased wraps from YouNaturally please

click here for the rest of my advanced how to tips*



268 thoughts on “Body Wrap Instructions

  1. Erika says:

    I used my first wrap today for 45 minutes and then I have to wait to 72 hours for my next wrap how long do I leave my 2nd wrap on for?

  2. Lauren Wilson says:

    Can I use the wrap more then every 3 days like I did my first one last night and I need fast results can I do one tonight or will it be pointless

  3. Aso says:

    Hey can I use the wraps I use on my arms and use it on my stomach? And I bought the box witch had 4wraps inside do I use 2 wraps for both my arms or just one ?

  4. 4reese says:

    I just ordered from someone, and now I see your blog. Can I transfer my loyal customer ?
    Why can’t I do my stomach and the rolls on my back at the same time?
    Is there a certain way to cut the wrap to use it on my back, for the nasty rolls. I gained weight from steroids and meds, and let myself go, I need some quick results as I’m changing back to clean eating,
    Plus I heard two different things, should I use saran wrap or the wrap paper? I read somewhere that you don’t want to sweat, is that true?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      hi darling!!!!! let’s get that subscription cancelled & over to me, Id love to help you out more!!! email me at tamaralukie@

  5. mirandalabree says:

    hi quick question! when i put in my first wrap i wasnt sure of which side because they both felt sticky and slimy!! does it matter which side? cause it still stick and i had the lotion all over me!

  6. Katelyn says:

    Hello i wanted to ask if you are 13 years old can you use the wrap, if not what happens if you have already wrapped yourself?

  7. Sheree says:

    I ordered these wraps off ebay, they all came individually sealed and the box was also sealed. The lotion side of the wraps was dark greenish/brown colored and didny have the most pleasent smell all the pics I’ve seen online the wraps looked white and were said to be minty scented. Did I get bad wraps? Or it this normal? Also I checked the exp date and it said 2018.

  8. Krystal says:

    Hi I’m a heavy smoker and I’ve started the does a effect me on the wraps..and also how many glasses of water a day do I drink?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      yes, smoking & other unhealthy habits can & do affect the effectivness of the wraps.

      Have you used my site to order from? If so, please let me know as you can use me as your go to health coach. If you have ordered from another rep please contact them or your doctor.

  9. Zazu says:

    I’m getting married in two days could I do my neck than my arms? Like at the same time? If not what would happen if I did?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      you could use 1/2 a wrap on your neck & 1/2 on each arm at the same time, it should be too bad. But I would drink a lot of water & expect a headache (maybe)

  10. Katie says:

    will you see better results if you wear the wrap for 8 hours vs. the 45 minutes or even just for a few hours? I rather just wear the wrap for a few hours a day instead of all day, but i want to get the best results too….

  11. cassiemhill says:

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but when you say drink half your body weight over the next three days, do you mean DAILY you need to drink half your body weight or just spread out over 72 hours? Thanks!

  12. Jamie says:

    Hello I did my first wrap and I wasn’t sure which side went against your skin? On one side there was a brown spotty substance and the other felt slimy. I put the slimy side to my skin because it stuck better. I’ve had the wraps for a while but they are all in sealed packages. Are they still good?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Do you mean you actually have a burn on your skin? or do you mean that it was tingly & warm?

      there are certain ingredients that tingle (rosemary, eucalyptus, etc that will make your skin ‘tingle’… but no, I have never in all my years heard of someone receiving an actual skin burn.

  13. M says:

    Since you can’t wrap while on your period is it specific for the stomach? For example can I wrap my arms during my period or will it not work on any body parts while on your period?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      M, yes anywhere, it’s just you get better results when you’re body can concentrate on the wrap 😉

      • Kris says:

        I have a question if I know my period is coming in 7 days am I safe to use a wrap or should I wait until after I’m done with my period?

      • Tamara Lukie says:

        it’s totally safe to wrap… just remember most people become a bit bloated with their period & so that can hamper results

  14. Jessica says:

    I did my first treatment tonight. I only did it for forty five minutes. Is your stomach suppose to feel tight after using it? Is that a good sign

  15. Shana says:

    Hey, trying the wraps soon, got a couple questions- can i work out before the wrap? Ill shower after, then apply the wrap?
    Secondly, i drink green tea alot which is its own detox- is it okay to drink it whilst having the wrap on as part of my water intake?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      being 13 and using the wraps is not recommended. If you would like help or adivce on a healthier lifestyle, I would be more then happy to help. Use the comment form found on the about me page to contact me 🙂


  16. Nuu says:

    Hi , i just wanted to ask , because i have my box of wrap but i still didnt use the three wraps left , question is “Is it bad if you leave your wrap box without using it, for long ” like does it expire or something, if you still leave it in the box, Its like been there in 3 weeks . thank you 🙂

      • m.j. says:

        I bought mine like last yr and didn’t use them .. now that I found it the box is still sealed with the 4 wraps can I still use them .. do they expire?

      • Tamara Lukie says:

        MJ. They do expire, check to see when they expired, they may still be good, just a bit dey

  17. Shawna says:

    Can you wrap your stomach one day and your legs the next day ? Can you wrap a body part a day and wait 72 hours until you wrap that body part again ?

      • Shani says:

        Hi. Why do you have to wait 72 hours to wrap again? I wrapped last night and am desperate to get another on tonight.

      • Tamara Lukie says:

        the ingredients are actually absorbed into your skin & that’s where they do their ‘magic job’, we wait 72 hours so not to overload our bods… it’s working hard enough 🙂

  18. Nikki says:

    I did my first first wrap 6 days ago and haven’t had time to do my second… Would it still be affective if I used second wrap today?? days later????

  19. Beth says:

    I did my first wrap last night and see some results. smoother skin, less cellulite. Exciting! But I have a question. Im doing my second wrap on Thursday and I have a wedding Saturday. I am planning on drinking some alcohol. I usually only drink vodka water lime. Will this be okay? I like drinking it with water because it keeps me hydrated and helps a hangover. Is this going to effect the wraps in a horrible way?
    After Saturday I wanted to start my 3rd wrap on Monday, then 4th on Thursday. Then I also have another wedding to attend the weekend after.
    So. If I drink lots of water with little vodka for the two weekends, will my results be badly affected?
    I am just wondering if a small amount and done in the healthiest way while pacing myself, will alcohol be a horrible choice for me? Should I avoid it at all costs?

  20. Trisha says:

    Hey i was just wandering if i did it right i made my own wrap for the first time i used cling rap and loition i got it from a diffrent website anyway after i put it on i just wrapped myself in two shirts and under a blanket i made sure i was warm , i left it on for about 5 hours it felt very wet once i took it off is that whats supposed to happen or have i not done it right ?

  21. Hilda Valdez says:

    Im a loyal customer and used all 4 wraps and didnt get any results should i try exfoliating and try them again or they dont work for everyone?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      are you 100% sure they didn’t work? is your skin smoother? heathier? have less cellulite?

      if you really can’t see any improvements, it’s still working deep down at a level below the skin. I would personally keep going 🙂


  22. Crissy says:

    I used the wrap for the first time but I also have the detox pills. Is it okay to still use the detox pills with in the 72 hours of removing my wrap?

  23. gg says:

    I heard different so a little confused do I need to finish the treatment on my arms before I can start a treatment on my stomach. One rep told me I can do my arms in the morning and my stomach at night.

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      I think thats too much for one body to handle. wrap one area at a time, every 72 hours. the more you wrap the same area, the better your results will be 🙂


  24. Karen says:

    I’m on birth control (microgestrin) am I ok to take the fat fighters as well as doing the wraps?

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      they are both ok to take, but I would wait 2-3 hours between your birth control pills and the fat fighters ok!

  25. Jay Pena says:

    Hi, I have a question.. I put on the wrap for the first time last night and slept overnight with it, and took it off the next morning I woke up. Did I do that correctly? Or am I supposed to leave it on for 72 hours?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Jay, no need to wear it for that long, wear it for 45 minutes to a few hours!

      How were your results?


  26. chrissy says:

    hey i am thankful i found a place where someone is answering questions with so much informative reply’s — my question is — when using the wraps does this take the inches off permanently or just for a few days — what combination of pills is best for loosing inches and pounds — i gained 60 pounds this year from bad medications that i have been off for three months now and will not be taking again but the weight has not come off since i quite taking the medication but i am desperately needing to get the weight off and need something that i will not loose my money over i am asking honestly please i am in such a bad way right now and dont know where my next income check will be from but i am so down lately due to my weight that if i could loose even twenty pounds its worth it what should i do?

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      So glad to be of help. There are def some incredible products that can help with that extra weight!!! the wrap results last as long as your lifestyle. It sounds like you wanna get healthier & I would be so honored to help you! We could come up with a plan together if you’d like. email me & let’s chat some more 🙂


  27. celia says:

    I do my wraps at night while i sleep and normally take it off at 6am. Can i workout around 4pm Or is that too early?

  28. shaila says:

    Hey there. My aunt is trying the wraps, she said she thought that someone told her after a full treatment that there is some sort of waiting period before starting again. Is this true? If so what is the waiting period?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      you can do a wrap every 72 hours (or 3 days). wrap until you see the results you want, then you can just wrap every few months for maintenence

  29. shamane says:

    Is was just wondering when I had talked to my representative for it wraps and it says you can wrap in a different spot along with another so meaning I would put in on my thighs and stomach but I have to ask her before if it’s ok areas just so I don’t get sick. Is this true or should I just stick to one area at a time.

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      I recommend everyone wrapping one body area at a time. I also recommend using a full box on one body part, then moving on. 🙂


  30. Susy says:

    Hi! I’m from Italy and I bought the it works body wraps from eBay (yes, I know it’s not recommended to buy them on eBay or Amazon, but I was so excited to try them and it was the only way to get them). My problem: love handles. I’m pretty skinny but I have this ‘horrible’ problem and some belly fat. I do exercise and I’m on a diet (my coach tells me what to eat: rice, pasta, a lot of protein food such as meat, a lot of fruit etc) are these food good for the wraps to work? I did 2 wraps and I’m waiting to do the next one. But I still didn’t get my results :/ love handles are right there as before and didn’t lost any cm. (I followed all the steps).

  31. Gabriela says:

    Hi, im on birth control. I did my wrap 4 hours ago. But i need to take the pill now. Is it okay to take it?

      • Gabriela says:

        Okay thank you and i noticed you metioned on another post that the body applicators help tighted loose skin. But i just have a belly making me look sorta pregnant along with lovehandles. Will the ultimate body applicators still work?

      • Tamara Lukie says:

        give it a good try, these wraps are simply amazing 🙂


  32. Devin says:

    I do not do well with taking pills. Do I have to take the fat fighter, and the thermofit for the wraps to work?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The wraps tighten, tone & firm loose skin. The Fat Fighters absorb excess fatty carbs, Thermofit helps with metabolism.
      What are you trying to achieve?

      • m.j. says:

        I bought my fat fighters last year are they still good to use now ? If so how and when do I take them?

      • Tamara Lukie says:

        They should still be fine. You take 2 pills, 30 min after your fattiest meal.

  33. K. J. says:

    Does taking medications hinder results? For depression, blood pressure etc. using the wrap with my medications are not contraindicated I’m just wondering if medication use can sometimes hinder results. Thank you for your time.

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Yes there are certain med’s that can hinder results. If you are worried, check with your dr. 🙂


    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Crissy, I’d wait about 24 hours until you start sweating your booty off after wrapping! 🙂 ❤

  34. nia says:

    Hi I’m a smoker but I do drink alot of water as I know smoking is not recommended. Will it still work? I’m wearing my 2nd wrap now, didn’t really see results with the 1st wrap

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Yes it’s true smoking can hinder results quite a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed more to show results. Keep trying, it is always doing SOMETHING, even if we can’t see it right away 🙂

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Ellie, I’d wait at least a day until you do a detox bath. But better yet, it would probably work better before the wrap! Make sure you drink LOTS of H20 ❤

  35. seirra says:

    I am very interested in the wraps…when you are satisfied with you results do you have to continue to use the wraps to keep the figure?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Maintanence with the wraps is quite minimal & easy if you have a healthy lifestyle. This means regular exercise, a healthy plant rich diet, regular deep sleep & drinking lots of water.

  36. Angie says:

    Hi there,
    I have a quick question, I had my first wrap yesterday and I went to the gym and worked out for 2 hours, then left it on for the rest of the day, i didnt see results .. was it maybe because I worked out and I wasnt supposed to, Help me please ..i wont do it again if I did wrong. Thnx 🙂

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      I think you sweat out all that liquid gold!!!! If you have more wraps try again, if not, reorder with the link above ❤

  37. chelsea says:

    I was looking online at the facts about the wrap I’m currently pumping and I wasn’t informed that I wasn’t supposed to do the wraps while breastfeeding… Will this hurt my child?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      It’s not recommended to wrap while breast feeding. I wouldn’t worry too much, but wait until after nursing to try again.

      • Karen says:

        T.. I’m so skeptical it’s not funny. I really want to try this as I’m 50 with love handles and that belly fat. I’m a size 10. I’ve used plastic wrap on the ’80’s and used the herbal wrap back then too. It’s water weight the first 10 lbs. I get that. I figured it to be about $500.00 for 8 treatments. Can I just use the wraps and avoid the “greens” my fb friend is a distributor as well. And has shown me 1 day results. I’m just trying to make this affordable can you help me? Karen

      • Tamara Lukie says:


        I was a skeptic too. I would totally recommend this stuff. I’ve seen the results first hand & there is no magic here! Email me for more info ok, I’ll send you some extra info 🙂


  38. chan says:

    Hey done my wrap and come on my period next day Is that normal ? As I wasn’t due To come on? Probably just detoxing as I know a lot of toxins are in your period but could you let me know to put my mind at rest please thanks

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      I”m sure your exactly right. Wait a week & continue with the treatment 🙂


  39. Elisabeth Neri says:

    I wrap yesterday and so far liking what I see. I cannot stay away from coffee can I just have one cup of coffee.

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      not true. you can wrap whenever you’d like. it’s better some times then others, follow my instructions as best you can 🙂

  40. Jessica says:

    I did a wrap last night for 2 hours after taking the wrap off i had nothing to rub in didnt look like anything even came off the wrap.. So i took what was on the wrap off with my hand to rub it it. It wouldn’t come off and the brown stuff was clumpy.. Is that normal?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Jessica, it sounds like your wrap is pretty old. who did you buy it from. why not get a hold of them & get a fresh one.

  41. yvonne says:

    hi ,Ive just put two wraps on ,one on my tummy and the other on my larger leg ,and then i read you shouldnt do two at once! I really dont wanna waiste this? ,whats the best advice you could give me?

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      you’ll need to be careful as you may feel a little dizzy or nauseaus. make sure you drink lots of water & rest. no exercise for the rest of the day & no alcohol. 🙂

  42. Sandra says:

    I use all 4 wraps and did not see any improvement , I have a clean diet , drank plenty of water and even do cardio everyday !

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      everyone is different. what do your before & afters look like? some people have needed more then 1 box to get the results that make them happy. Keep trying 😉

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      if you just buy the fab wrap nothing will happen. It’s the body applicator that does the tightening & toneing. The fab wrap just holds it in place 🙂


  43. Bella says:

    What can I eat while using the it works wrap, first off didn’t seem to work it was my first one left it on for 45 minutes. Anyways I had packaged oatmeal today a salad and pizza I know pizza probably isn’t good but it’s hard not to eat certain foods will that hurt me? Or just not show results? Please respond thank you.

  44. Taylor says:

    Why can’t you eat anything really after like I normall eat packaged oatmeal for breakfast salad or a sand which for lunch then whatever my mom cooks for dinner why can’t I stay on that routine? Like what happens if I eat all of that, when it says like not a lot of salts or whatever. I stay away from junk food and fast food.

  45. Ericka says:

    2nd wrap. Did not like results from first, but I’m a believer!! 🙂 I know I’ve got this and the beach awaiting me in 3wks. I do have one question, if I’m wrapping tonight, when exactly is 72 hours/3days? Thursday or Wed? Don’t mean to be so exact but I want this to work. Thank you!!

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      congrats. I can’t wait for beach season too!
      you could do it wednesday night of thursday day 🙂

  46. annamarie sanchez says:

    So no wrapping while on my period I didn’t know:/ I accidentally wrapped but for 45 minutes since it was my first time trying the product but I did see results!!!:) I’m a loyal customers and I ordered for more plus the hair and skin 60 tablets. I’m so excited! !:)

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      you can shower, but it’s better before to have clean skin before the wrap to absorb the lotion. Showering too soon after rubbing in the lotion will just wash it off 🙂


  47. sophie says:

    Hi iv already wrapped once for 45mins I’m due to wrap again tomorrow I only weight 9st basically want the wraps to tighten my belly from having a baby along as I drink loads of water do I have to stick to a diet I don’t really want to loose any weight the girl I got the wraps off never gave me any information she was in a rush 😞 x

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      I”m so sorry you didn’t get more info about the wraps & how to use them.

      The wrap results are progressive & will last along with a healthy diet. I’m also a health coach that specializes in detox & plant based nutrition. if you want more info & help there we should talk 🙂


    • Tamara Lukie says:

      I love your name.

      Great question!
      no, the results are due to the lotion being absorbed. so make sure if there is any left after you take the wrap off that you RUB IT IN!!!!!

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      the wrap will work where ever you put it. Being on your period can hamper results, but it should be ok. just make sure you drink lots of water 🙂


  48. Candace says:

    Hi. February 28 I have an event to go to and I was hoping to wear a tight/ fitted dress. Will these wraps help. I have an exercise routiene that works almost every part of my body. Can I still maybey just do core exercises since that’s my main problem area.

  49. Joselyn says:

    Hey, so Mother Nature has paid me a visit .. But I am really anxious to start! What would you recommend even if I was to drink a lot of water?

    • Tamara Lukie says:


      Of course!!!!! These products help EVERYONE ❤
      I'm excited to see your results!!! Did you order from me already?

  50. mimi says:

    Am wearing my wrap now for the first time,and the wrap feels hot on my wearing a corset on it…is that normal??

  51. Jessica says:

    After I have completed a 4 wrap treatment how much longer do I wait to apply my next treatment? I really thought the 4 wraps was for a month but if I do apply a wrap every 3 days my wraps would be finished in 2 weeks?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      you can do a wrap every 72 hours. if you had ordered from me I could have helped you out a bit more 🙂

  52. Michaela says:

    I just ordered the skinny pack and realized that there are only four wraps in the box. I really want to use it all over my body. The wrapping examples it shows that you have to use two on your thighs and I don’t have enough to cover the rest of the areas I want to change. Is there a way I can use it on my thighs, lower legs, arms, chin, and stomach without having to purchase another box?

  53. Dani says:

    I know you need to avoid caffeine during the 3 days after you’ve wrapped, but can you have a cup of coffee after day 4 without any negative results? I love the taste of coffee, and I miss my java 😦

  54. Taylor says:

    Hi I recently tried one wrap on my stomach area. This is my first time and I did it for three hours. Right after I took off the wrap Mother Nature paid me a visit. Will it still work over the next three days? Will I see results or did I waste money?

  55. Brintey says:

    Hi everyone! Well I was never informed to take a hot shower before I out my wrap on (I have it on now) all though I was told to wipe down the area with alchole. My question is because I did not shower before I put it on. Will the wrap still work properly?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      You should still see results. Remember a box of 4 is a full treatment. Let me know if you order from my site & I’ll help you out more 🙂

  56. britt says:

    I smoke on a daily basis, does this mean it wont do anything to help me..just because I smoke? And does it work for males to?

  57. Amanda says:

    I know you are only supposed to treat one area at a time but does that mean that you complete the 4 wraps in one area and then start the next set or can you put a wrap on your stomach for however long you want it on and then put them on your thighs right after?

    • Amanda says:

      And I know you can use them every 72 hours but do you just do one 4 pack a month? Or can you do as many as you want as long as it’s every 72 hours?

      • Tamara Lukie says:

        You can do 1 wrap every 3 days. That means you can use more then 1 box a month! Yah for awesome results!!!

        thanks again,

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Good questions, thanks!
      It’s true you can use the wrap anywhere from the neck down & only 1 every 3 days. You can wrap your arms one day, then your stomach 3 days later & your back 3 days after that, etc. Just remember, a FULL treatment is 4 full wraps on the same area. Hope you ordered from my site 😉

  58. grotesqueswain says:

    I am going to buy the skinny pack and fab wrap . When should I use these products after my period ? I can’t really tell when it ends because after the bleeding stops, I get brown discharge .

  59. sarah says:

    i did have a shower before puttin it on does that matter and i just stared the time of the month about 10 mins after i put the wrap on :/

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Sarah, you did have a shower? That’s good! As for starting your period right after, continue with lots of water and do the next one once it’s over.

  60. Camille says:

    I did not drink water at all during my wrap and I ate dinner while wearing it. Have I ruined the results now? I am drinking water today, but it was too late to drink water and if I did drink it I would be too full to actually eat my dinner.

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Camille. Do the best you can and finish off the box for maximum results. It can take a few months (treatments) to reach your desired results. Keep going. You should be fine 🙂

  61. Kat says:

    Hi, I bought one roll of the fab wrap. Do I overlap the wrap if make sure it’s even? Hie much of the roll do I use?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      try not to overlap the wrap as you want all the lotion in contact with your skin. Use as much of the fab wrap roll as you need. not too tight. 🙂

  62. heather says:

    my dr was not familiar with the ingredients reacting to my medication list. how do I know for sure that its safe or that it will work with my medications?

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      I’m not sure… the list is straight forward. all ingredients are natural. your doctor should know if there are any interactions.

  63. linda says:

    I weigh about 92 to 95 lb yes im skinny but I still have a body and most I have a butt and with that I have a little cellulite its not like omg but I still have it says to not use on more than one part at the same so I cant use it on my both thighs at once im confused…oh and wat could I eat I mean like I said I dnt weigh not even a hundred imskinny but I could eat and I dnt gain I have a 3 year old already so I just want this for the little cellulite I have and one more question can I cut it in half and with one wrap do both my legs and like that I can have my treatment of 4 and wen should I wait to put the next one on

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      Hi Linda,
      you can cut the wrap in half. that’s a great idea. you are allowed to eat 🙂 just make sure you drink lots of extra water. did you order from my site? please let us know how it goes!

    • Tamara Lukie says:

      if you’d like you most certainly can. the important thing is to drink extra water. did you order from my site? I’d love to see your results 🙂 check out my instructions page too for more info

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