These Body Wraps don’t work!

The Ultimate Body Applicator is working. It Works ALWAYS.

There are no if, and’s or but’s….

So, there are several questions I would have for someone who is having a difficult time seeing results.


Are you regular?  If someone is not regular, there is probably a lot of gunk stuck in their system that needs to be released.  The toxins that are getting stirred up have nowhere to go! Start taking a high quality Probiotic or order up some Regular & try again when you’re system is working at eliminating better.


Do you have stretchmark’s?  When someone has stretchmarks the wrap works to heal the stretchmarks first and the tightening, toneing & firming might come later.

How much water are you drinking? Nevermind the fact that over 65% of people are dehydrated…. drinking plently of water the week of using the wraps is IMPERATIVE!  Because there are toxins that are getting stirred up, the water helps to flush them out of the system.  If someone is dehydrated, the water they drink is absorbed as their “normal water intake” and they need to drink even more!!!  You want to extra drink water for 3 days after wearing the wrap..



Everyone’s body is different.  so things like pore size, toxicity level, smoking, water intake, etc all can impact the speed at which the applicator works. sometimes helps to open up pores with a warm wash cloth, dry~brushing before a shower & other tips here can help

dry brushing


The applicator is putting GOOD nutrition into your skin.  So, even if you are not seeing a ton of results right away don’t fret, something is happening, even moisturizing & hydrating of the skin is a start.

Are you on any medications or have thyroid issues?  sometimes that impacts things as well as some meds make the body retain water, etc.

For my personal Step~by~Step Instructions, please visit~> ItWorks Body Wrap Instructions

The Applicator is working EVERY TIME — and because every body is different, it makes sense that it works differently for everybody!  When people “bloat” the first day, we typically find that they are the “biggest losers” after the course of 3 days.  These are typically the people who are not regular or are a bit more toxic.  Keep in mind, using the Applicator ONE time is just the beginning. Be sure to apply the Applicator consistently in the beginning every 72 hours for maximum results!

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body wrap

Remember, one burger didn’t get your fat, one salad didn’t get you healthy & one day at the gym didn’t get you in shape.

You can also email the product  any time to hear what she says…

Keep us posted on your results.  We love testimonies!

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