A few of my Favorite Books!

Here is a list of some of my Favorite Books. I don’t read a lot of books, they’re usually from the ‘self help’ section, fitness section, cooking section or philosophy section. When I find a book I LOVE, when it’s a book that does good things to my Mind, Body &  Soul, I keep it. I keep it & read it over & over & over again.

Here are some of the ones I LOVE (& a favourite quote or two from each of them)



The Greatest Secret of All ~ Marc Allen

~This book is along the same idea as ‘the secret’, in speaking about our dreams Marc writes …”learn to set those doubts & fears aside…. we’ll deal with them later…. learn to set aside even our realistic thoughts, & let our inner dreamer, our inner visionary, be free to imagine possibilities. Look at it (our dream) as a worthwhile experiment”.

80~20 Principle ~Richard Koch

~This is an eye~opening & inspiring book that shows how we can do more in less time & less energy. “It is very difficult, & always wasteful, to achieve something worthwhile without enjoying it”.

Eat To Live ~ Dr. Joel Fuhrman

~Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a Practicing Dr in the USA, who’s diet & lifestyle stories are nothing short of amazing. When writing about dis~ease & cancer he says… “we are on an incessant search for the impossible~to~find cure, when in fact removing the causes is the only way to win”.

Eat, Pray, Love ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

~One of a small group of ‘fun’ books I’ve read & enjoyed. “you must be polite with yourself when you are learning something new”. & “pick your thoughts with as much intention as you pick your clothing”.

Grow Younger, Live Longer ~Deepak Chopra

~Nearly everything Deepak Chopra says is incredible, here is just one such thing… “when you become clear that the reason you want to live to a hundred or more years is so you can express your full creative potential, you change your chemistry & physiology. When you identify your unique talents & commit to using them in the service of others, you strengthen your immune system. When you decide that exercising regularly or preparing a balanced meal is an enjoyable experience, you improve your circulatory health & lower your blood pressure. Your perceptions, interpretations & expectations influence every aspect of your mental & physical health. Shifting your perspective & making new choices provide you with powerful tools to change your life”.

Whole Foods to Thrive ~ Brendan Brazier

~ a great source of information on why it’s in our best interest to eat responsibly. Information about how eating Animals is hurting the Earth more than we could ever imagine.

The Kind Diet ~ Alicia Silverstone

~also an amazing book about eating Mindfully. The recipes will leave you in Love with food. Try the Lentil Stew on page 171, you won’t regret it!

Grail Springs ~ Madeleine Marentette

~Among the amazing & delish detoxifying recipes, is this quote I like (& totally agree with)…. “Food is probably the one area where most people will have to make the biggest change & perhaps have the most resistance”.

The Little Prince (not shown, we packed it up for our move, again)

~Just an overall great book you need to have in your library. If you’ve never read it, go buy it now! A memorable quote to me is…. “It is such a secret place. The land of tears”.


It’s not just books that I love to read (over & over again), But Magazines too! I hate the thought of paying so much for them every month, but there is just so many cool new things every month!

Here are a few that I like to pick up. I don’t get them all every month, but I probably get more than I need!

It’s funny. I don’t buy many, if any cooking magazines (maybe because I follow so many cooking blogs or because I pick up every Vegan, Raw & Healthy CookBook on the market?) It’s mostly fitness, yoga & nutrition Mags. My newest & most favorite ones have to be the specials put out by “vegetarian times” (a best of farmers markets), & one from the publishers of “Vegetarian” (all about supplements). A no fail, pick up every month is “Alive”. Always has great stuff (& I always get it free at the Supplement store when I do my shopping)!


What are your favorite monthly Magazines?

Do you have any favorite quotes from books you love?

Do you have any books you can recommend?