Enough is Enough is Enough is Enough. (That’s what I think at least….)

I’ve been thinking


A lot about messages that we as consumers (bright savvy consumers I should add) are being bombarded with daily. And I’m getting the impression that the more we are Bombarded with these messages, the more often we are Giving~In. It’s not our fault (or is it?), we’re being Bombarded! It’s such a shame.

I want us to be angry, to stay angry.

I want us to be angry until something drastic, something right is done.

Why am I acting crazy? Let me show you some videos
Here is a short clip from an ad coming all the way from the 1950’s.

I know that when this chemical DDT first came out it was thought that it was safe, but once it was known to be harmful it should have been eliminated. We now know & we would never knowingly let this back into our communities or homes. Maybe here we should just say what’s done is done & learn from it.

Now please watch this,

I’m sure you’ve seen a clip or two about pink slime already, but the point of this particular clip is that the scientist is telling us it’s no big deal. It’s safe? Hmm….. that’s a tough one, & I really doubt it. Do we just say what’s done is done & learn from it, or is there still time to demand better?

Now what about this one, (sorry the videos seem to be getting longer & longer)

This stuff is still on every shelf. It’s still in hundreds of products that we are eating, drinking & serving to our children daily. Why? WHY?? Is what’s done, done here as well? But it’s still being done! We haven’t learnt the lesson. What are we waiting for?

~Deep Breathe~
These are the 2 major “pains in my side”. Tainted Food otherwise known as ‘Fast Food’ & Toxic Chemicals touted as ‘safe’. There are many many many other issues out there, but these are the 2 that bother me the most. Especially when we are blindly accepting them. Why aren’t we mad, angry, livid??? Why are we continually buying them & ingesting them. Why are we feeding them to our children!!!!!

There are other options. Healthy Options. Easy Options even. These options are not just for the Rich, they are for the Concerned, for the Individuals that want Better, More, Healthier. Take a moment. Do some research. Ask someone. Ask me!

How long is it going to take for us to say that enough is enough? I’m only one person. & I’m not trying to change the world. But I am trying to help you, If you want to change your future & the future of your family.

What issues are the pains in your side? What don’t you understand, what do you need help with out there?

Fill out the form below. I’m here to help. One step at a time we can change our Health & the Health of our Family for the Better.