My Vegan Rant

What started out as a trial Vegetarian Month, has led to a “as best we can” Vegan Lifestyle. (we aren’t too nit~picky about most breads & cookies (eggs), although we are also as Gluten Free as we can possibly be, which helps keep us off those items 90% of the time anyways & have been dairy free for a much longer time)……

So you’re Vegan (or as best as you can be without going completely nuts like us). What do you do when you get the ‘look’? You know the one, where at any moment people tell you how sick you are going to make yourself (or Heaven to Betsy your children!!). What do you say when people come at you telling you that Meat is Healthy, that it’s just a FAD, wondering how you can live off of Salads & Carrot sticks? For crying out loud WHERE’S YOUR PROTEIN???

What do I do, I start by smiling. 🙂 Then I just change the subject. No explanation, no getting angry, frustrated, mean, defensive. Nope, none of that. It throws them off, in fact, I’m sure they think that they’ve made me think about this decision, maybe changed my mind? 🙂

I’m healthy, my kids are healthy. We know it & really, that’s all that matters. When people come over to our house we do not serve any animals, no~way & no~how. When we go out with friends we don’t make an issue if they order animals (& most are polite enough not to make a big deal about it either).

I’ve had ‘discussions’ with people about meat, but it always ends up more frustrating than productive. I’ve actually had someone tell me that it’s ok to eat Kangaroo’s because they are pests… Hmmm, did I argue? Nope, I shook my head in disbelief & wondered quietly how the h*ll they could come up with that sh*t (pardon my french). But I didn’t go further with them about it. It’s not worth it. If someone is so determined to steal my energy & try to convince me that I need to eat an animal to survive, they can just have it. I’ll gladly smile & give them all my love.

Hmm, how does that suit ya? Go ahead, tell me that Pigs are different from Dogs. Kangaroos are different from Elephants. Tigers are different from Cows, & Chickens are different from kittens. There isn’t a difference to me. If you can wake up & not feel sad for the poor little chicken you are scrambling then talk baby talk to your dog, well, that’s just you. I’m in no means telling you that you need to become Vegan. Of course I think everyone should~ but it’s everyone’s own personal choice. Just as it is ours to be Vegan.

Here is a short Video made by my 7 & 8 year old. There was no prompting here. It’s all in their own words. There are 2 parts because after they saw what they had said they thought of a few more things they felt was important to share. I’m proud of them, & hope that maybe it makes you think. Just think.

If you must know where we get our Protein. Please see my Top Ten Vegan Proteins page here. 🙂

What are your pet~peeves about being Vegan? Anything really get on your verves? How do you deal with it?

Thanks for listening!

Stuff I loved reading…

Happy Easter Weekend All! I’m so excited that Spring has Sprung & I have a (mostly) long weekend. Is it weird that I have Friday, Saturday & Monday off? 😉 huh… I guess I’ll take it! This year we’re doing a TON of different things for the Easter Celebrations. I won’t give them all away, but needless to say it’s 100% Vegan (besides a few chocolate treats~milk), but there will be no eggs, etc! Can’t wait!

What are your plans for the Long Weekend?

This week I’ve put my ‘must reads’ into categories. Please grab your coffee, tea or 😉 glass of wine & enjoy my specially chosen post for your reading pleasure!

For Inspiration & Growth within Yourself:

My new found must go~to daily lovely site is Gentle Living where Liz shows me how to be more Centered & Balanced. Here she shows us the importance of Breathing & her 25 self care tips is amazing too!

Conscious Divas has a great article about Calming our Energy, I especially love #2 where it says to ‘brush the dush off your shoulders’. # 4 (get out doors) & #5 of meditation is a must I 100% agree!

Kris Carr at Crazy Sext Life has done it again (ok, I say this every bleepin’ week). But she has! Read her Love Rules , Follow your Heart, & of course the Article I’ve been sharing on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest all week long Nourish your Inner Introvert!

Here are a few cute Green Tips from The Well Daily. I must admit I didn’t even think of throwing my contact lenses in the Recycle bin, but I am guilty of that no longer!!! 🙂

Must try Recipes

Detoxinista has done it again! I’m speechless~ I can’t wait to try this recipe out. Do you love sushi like me? Take a look at how ingenious she is with this substitution of carrot pulp (from your juicer, you have a juicer right?) for Rice!!

so….. what do you do if you don’t have a juicer (tsk tsk) or maybe you just don’t want to use your left over carrot pulp instead of rice? then go over to Sarah’s site & try Quinoa sushi~ how amazing do they look? Needless to say, we’ll be eating a TON of Vegan sushi around here!!!

I love Miso. It’s one of my top fav’s in the world. I also am pretty partial to Asparagus, especially when it’s in season. So what do you get when you add these together? Boom!

A new blog I started following has proven to be great. Love this one with rice & mushrooms!!!

What would YOU say if someone told you they could make you a fab  Vegan White Macadamia Nut Cookie? Whaaaat? Yah, I thought so.

Ok, so talking about cookies…. here’s another one. (Because you really can’t have enough cookies~ especially if you live with 2 cute little cookie monsters!!)

Let’s end off with how I started my weekend morning. OH Deer Buddha!!! Grab a coffee & top it like you’ve always wanted to but never had the guts!!!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a super hoppy Weekend 😉

Things you need to read!

Hi everyone! Are you so excited for the weekend? I love that it’s Friday!!! My boys have been on Spring Break for the last week & I’m pumped to be able to hang out with them for a few days.

Instead of a Review this Friday, I thought I would share some of the Amazing Posts that I read in the last few weeks. These are totally worth it. So grab yourself a cup or Tea or Coffee (or Wine, depending on what time zone you’re in) & enjoy!

This post (zero waste home tips) made me think really hard about how we Use & ReUse things in our house as well as the amount we Waste (both Food & Money). We take pride in ReUsing our bottles for Bulk Items & Composting regularly, but I now feel that there are so many more options out there for us to do. It opened my eyes to how wasteful some things are, & gave me great ideas on how to change it. I’m looking forward to saving money & the planet a little bit more now! I especially love the way they have added a 4th R (Refuse!) & remind us that it is Firstly Reduce, Then ReUse, and Lastly Recycle!

Conscious Diva’s had a nice article that also made me think. The article about The Grass is Always Greener really made me appreciate my life & helped me remember that it really is in the way you look at it, & sometimes you just need to take a step back to see where you really are.

Everyone has Money Issues right? I don’t care who you are, there is something about money that makes people a bit crazy. This article has 5 cute tips on how to be more spiritual with the moolah issues. It’s not a long post, but it is cute!

Oh She Glows is a Blog I go to regularly for Amazing Recipes. Angela is coming out with a cookbook soon & I am dying to buy it!!! (or get it as a present, whatever…;) ) Here is a recipe for Freezer Fudge that made me drool, what do you think of it?

Mung Beans are what Bean Sprouts are made of. Did you know that? Here’s a recipe for Mung Beans & Root Veggies that is Perfect for the days that are still a little too chilly for Salads 🙂

Lauren over at the Holy Kale had a great article about keeping your Produce fresh longer (something I think everyone should know tips for). My only add~on would be to keep your Onions with your Apples as they keep each other from going bad (cool hey~ did you know that tip?)

Jess over at Wellness Warrior has a great 4 part video interview series with James Colqhoun from Food Matters (as well as the new film coming out March 21st Hungry for Change). Take a look at all 4 parts here #1 #2 #3 #4. There is so much info here that I just can’t get into it all. James talks about what his rules are for living a better life, how is he thankful, foods role, & so much more….. Chris & I just watched Food Matters,  (it’s free on YouTube) & it’s a great eye~opener. It made me much more confident to be in the field that I’m striving in (Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management & Detoxing) & totally made me feel like eating Plants (not Animals) & taking our Supplements was A~OK!

Vienda is my new fav Guru. Here you will find Week One of her ‘uncover your authentic self’ & here you will find Week Two & Week Three (I’m still on week 2), hey~ let’s do this together!!!

Now, if you have the time & like reading things that are a bit more ‘deep’ or out there, Wake Up World always has some great posts that really make you think. Here are just a few of my favorites in the last few weeks….

Feels like something Big is going to happen

Why is Natural the Alternative

160 Uses for Coconut Oil

And Of Course, I need to Plug my Weekly Challenge (again)! There is only 2 days left until the First Challenge comes out, & Only 1 day left until my Challenge is done; which is to have 50 people sign up! Have you signed up yet? Remember that you will only be sent these Weekly Challenge Videos if you sign up!!! Go here & fill it all out (send it to a few friends while you’re at it). There is nothing to lose & only Great Health to gain! I’m so excited!

Here’s to you’re Wonderful Weekend & to you being You.Naturally!