Unusual Cabbage Rolls

We are a Big Cabbage lovin’ family here🙂 Purple, Green, we love them all! So last week when I needed some Cabbage my husband thought it would be nice to pick some up for me, & without knowing,I in turn picked some up as well!

Opps, what do you do with 2 huge Cabbage heads?

I made some of the wicked Cabbage Slaw from an older post & we added some to Stir Fry’s. Then I promptly forgot about the rest until last night. I knew it wasn’t going to last much longer as it had already been over a week! So I quickly thought of making a burrito like filling with Rice, Beans & Veggies to fill them with! As the Rice & Beans were cooking I removed the hard stem end of the Cabbage…..

& boiled it for about 2~3 minutes to soften it up.

How cool that the water turned blue no???

They turned out pretty good (you really can’t go wrong with such delish filling!)

Yummy as ever (simple Rice, SPinach, Adzuki Beans, Black Olives, Red Onions)! The Cabbage leaves as rolls were a really cool idea~ & I totally didn’t boil them for too long (which was a concern). I would make these again in a heart beat!


Do you like Cabbage? What do you do with it?



Detox 2012 ~ It’s over!

I have to admit that this Detox/Cleanse was NOT what I was expecting. & although I may have had high expectations, I’m still pretty disappointed😦 I did manage to get the min. weight off that I wanted, but if you can remember from my first post here, what I really wanted was to have that ah~ha moment. Maybe I should have Meditated like I said I would, Maybe I should have Ran more or Relaxed more, (or stresses less). I’m not sure. At any rate, I’m done.

There are 3 Kaeng Raeng Smoothie packages left in my cupboard. But I’m not touching them. Not anymore. No, I don’t want them. I’m going to go back slowly to the Healthy way of eating that excites me ~Vega Smoothies, Fresh Pressed Juices, Steamed Veggies, Gigantic Salads (see how to build your Ultimate Salad here), I want Lentils & Brown Rice & yes, of course some treats (can’t wait to try a new Black Bean Truffle recipe I saw today)!!!

So all in all, Let’s review my experience with Kaeng Raeng. If I had a client ask me about it, I would have to say Honestly that I did not enjoy it nor its results~ But that is not to say that it doesn’t work. I think that the individual eating the typical SAD (standard american diet) would probably experience a wonderful Detoxing effect on this type of Cleanse, if you find that you eat a lot of junk (chips, french fries, burgers, sandwiches), as well as consume Dairy & Animal products I think this Cleanse could do some good for your bod. If you are mostly Vegan/Vegetarian & tend to stay away from sugars & processed foods~ I would say save your money & go with a Juice Cleanse or The Master Cleanse. Of course this is just my opinion. Although I hope that it helps.


This is my new Favorite Tea Dandelion!

Detox 2012 Days 8 & 9

Tamara’s Detox Day 8

So yes, I’ve decided to continue on this Detox…. somewhat….. I woke up today with a conviction to finish the shakes (hopefully I can finish 2 a day~ Breakfast & Dinner), that should make 3 more days. In between I will have a few Juices (Carrots, Beets, Celery, Cilantro, Lemons, Ginger etc) as well as Green Tea & Turmeric & my new Favorite Tea Dandelion!!! I’m still hoping for an ah~ha moment, but I know that I’ve at least gotten rid of the cravings that were plaguing my brain. That in itself is a great feeling. I weighed myself & found that I’ve surprisingly lost 2.4kg.🙂 I think that is a great start, but again, it’s more the mental thing that I’m striving for not a ton of weight loss. So far I must say that just having this new conviction, I feel a ton better! I’m hoping this is the right decision, only time will tell!

Chris’ last post…..

Final thoughts
This was tough this time around. I did not have work to stay busy w and cooking n cleaning up meals was difficult not to grab the remnants. Still… I am proud of my accomplishment. I am sorry my partner’s detox did not come off the way she wanted as mine has. I am looking forward to a stocked house of veggies n fruit for eating n juicing n lettuce and dried and raw goods for salads. I am looking forward to enjoying a coffee again and not just drinking it cause it’s a habit. I did not get any internal spirituality nor did I grow closer w anyone unfortunately but going thru this I realised that was a very hopeful n idealistic desire. Shoot for the moon though. I also feel that my snacking as I alluded to a sentence ago will be controlled better. I may still have something junky at night now and again but w the shelves of dried and raw goods n fruits n veggies the choice will b easier to be body positive. I have cleansed my body I feel. Lightness n tightness has replaced full n squishy. I took off 2.4kg according to my Wii Fit board n it shows in the flappy belly n my back. I also feel I took out the trash but a lot less than last time. My guess is because I am now a vegetarian and last time I was omnivorous. I am ready to exercise again starting Tuesday. I jogged the first two days, biked the next two, n stretched each day but no exercise except chin ups each day (somewhere between 12 n 30 each day). I am now ready to get my batteries solared up n start w being busy n businessy n a person I would like to be with again. I have a dream still of brewing, a career which seems a little foggy in the direction at the moment, but like all these guys say visualise the end only and how it engages your senses and the steps will be clear to me when I am part of them. Emotionally I failed. I was stealing energy n stressed for much of the detox which kind of negated it but I feel that it was only a minority portion. It is definitely tough to get an ideal opening to do this when there are three other lives entwined in my own n a certain degree of dependency for comfort and care. I was not a stuffy but I also was not a cactus. There is that for improvement next time. I believe I will do it again in a year if I can find a space that makes sense seeing as I will be fully engaged in employment of some kind. Probably sooner after Xmas tho. I would recommend this to someone wishing to accomplish something great in their lives; maybe to see if they have willpower n dedication. That is something I feel is great about the lemonade fast. It rilly is an accomplishment. I had seven days of virtually no food and although I was not exactly Colin at work I was mostly a good person  n I lived to tell this tale. I am happier.

Tamara’s Detox Day 9

First of all, I must confess…. Last night around 6pm I broke down & made some carrot & potato soup with Garlic & Miso. I know it’s not technically ‘breaking down’ like grabbing a sandwich or a bag of chips, but, well, I hope you know what I mean (I wasn’t planning on having soup for 2~3 more days). I don’t feel guilty about it, so don’t worry about that. I had one small bowl, ate it really slow & felt every last drop of its Nurishment! Last night was really cold here & I just didn’t want a cold smoothie to fill up on, so soup it was, & it was good! It seemed to give me some positive oomph, cause before I headed to bed I set my alarm 20 minutes earlier with the intention of getting in both a great HIIT & Run, or at least one or the other. And you know what happened~ Well, I did just that! (the workout at least). It felt really good to get up before the kids again & get things going. I did all arms thinking I would get a great run in, but the frost on the car made me turn around & decide to wake up my sleeping beauties instead (a choice I’m glad I did)😉 My breakfast smoothie went well & afterwards I did my third & final Coffee Enema! Whoo~Hoo. If you haven’t read up on the why/how/when’s of a Coffee Enema, please go to Jess’ site here & learn all about it in this safe & comfortable video. Around 11 I had a super refreshing juice of Carrots, Celery, Lemon & Apple, then treated myself to some Kombucha! Wow did that ever taste Unreal🙂 I had a small bowl of leftover soup (leftovers are the best), & did some work. I’m feeling like I have a ton of good energy going in my bod. Later in the day I had a little bit more Kombucha, & some Dandelion tea. For dinner Chris & I both had a cup of the Carrot, Potato, Garlic & Miso soup (yuuuuum) & we chilled for the rest of the night. Not much else to say about these last few days.

Are you Detoxing? Which one are you doing & How is it going?

Detox 2012 Days 5 & 6 & 7

Tamara’s Detox Day 5

Well…. where to start? (if you need to catch up, please see Intro, Day 1&2, Day 3&4.

I woke up again today without a sore throat! WhooHoo! & I wasn’t hungry either. I had some water & then headed down to do some working out. I got a good sweat on &  I was good to go. I also did another Coffee Enema today, I have to admit they aren’t bad at all (here is Jess’ video if you want more info about them)! Afterwards I came upstairs for my Kaeng Raeng breakfast smoothie made with Coconut Water but I just couldn’t drink it~ I was feeling nauseous after 1/3 of it. (I’m not sure if it was because of the Enema or because I was still a little sick)? So I put it aside to finish later (little did I know it turns into a thick Gel like Paste😦 ) Yuck. Oh well, I really couldn’t finish it anyways. I had some Green tea with Turmeric & really took it easy today. My Lunch smoothie came around 5pm & I really didn’t finish that full one either, although I did finish most of it…. Your adding is correct, I only had 2 smoothies again today… But I’ll tell you why…

First off, yes, I was feeling nauseous ~ But 2ndly I’ve also felt like these smoothies have been too much to eat. Think what you will, they are filling! I’m a little more use to a clean feeling when I detox rather than a full feeling…. Do you get what I’m talking about?😉

Today I did have some wanting of food, it was more of a hey that looks good or hey that smells good, not a grummmble Hunger. I don’t think I’m ready Mentally yet because of the food that I’d eat right now is not the food that I want to want to eat. Get me?  I wanna come off this Detox eating Salads & Uber Healthy (& even tho we don’t eat junk, it’s still not good enough for me right now). Do you remember what my #1 Goal of this Cleanse/Detox was? The Mental ah~ha Food Consciousness. I want to eat when I’m truly hungry, & eat the foods that are going to Fuel my Body to do Amazing things! (Of course I will get back to ‘treats’ like popcorn, etc~ but for now it’s baby steps)!

Anyways, Day 5  came & went.🙂

Tamara’s Detox Day 6

Woke up today with a sore throat again… don’t know what kind of bad joke this is, but I’m dealing with it. Zinc to the Rescue! We’re off to town today so I got in a quick arms workout & had an awesome juice (Carrots, Celery, Apple, Lemon & Cilantro). I’m feeling very emotional today. It happens to be the 7 Anniversary of when my Dad passed away, & I’m not really handling it that well. Usually I’m not so weepy~ I guess the cleanse is having its way with me. It’s okay tho, I’m taking it slow😉 . Going into town turned out to be a great thing for us all. It got us out & about (although it was pouring rain), the fresh air was nice, it also kept my mind on other things which is something I really needed today. By the time we got home at 430 I was feeling a little hungry, so I grabbed a Kaeng Raeng Shake & added in some Coconut Water. I’m using Coconut Water instead of regular Filtered water because it just has so much more Nutrients & benefits in it, & I think that’s important when you’re really not ‘eating’ much! The rest of the day went alright although I was still kind of on an emotional rollercoaster😦 . Tea, tea & more tea was my drink of choice, as was a relaxing Sea Salt Bath (benefits here). My sleep was decent (but then I’ve never really had an issue with sleeping)

Tamara Detox Day 7

What is going on? It’s seven days now & I’m just not feeling it!😦 I was hoping for Clarity, Calmness, Weight loss, the Feeling of ah~ha….. where is it? Instead I’m feeling depressed, a little bloated, sluggish, bogged down in my body & mind, I almost feel like this is a waste of precious time & good coconut water! I’ve decided to take today to re~evaluate what I’m going to do. Because I haven’t been taking the 3 pre~made Kaeng Raeng shakes a day I still have 7 packages left, what to do with them? I have been juicing & love that, but do I start eating? do I continue with the shakes? Hmmmm, I’ll let you know tomorrow……

Chris’ Detox Day 5
I felt great waking. Not hungry or grouchy. Body felt good. Even though Oz has the flu I feel no sickness even after putting my body in this weakened state. The bike ride was good too but tiring. I was very close to giving up going up a hill but I got it done n then got my downhill to help me along.  I have had a pain in my midback away from the spine for three days now. If I lay on my side it does not hurt. I did not get grouchy today but felt a point where I needed to accomplish something. I ended up brewing a batch of beer from about 1-9pm. So I guess that translates into having energy although it took me away from a day w my family. A little guilt there does not help detoxify. I went to bed tired but read to Tamara. I felt peace and calm but feel I am not being as nourishing to my family as I should be. I am getting detoxed but I still have a family to help take care of. I decided two more days of lemonade fast then two on OJ. Although we will see. I really do miss eating a lot now. I am also finding it difficult to finish even 2L of the lemonade. I feel I have pretty much left shitty eating impulses behind and that two more days will do it. Hopefully I can switch my belief in sugary food as a treat for a job well done too. I do want to live to 130 and proper eating and calm will help. Which is also why I have to stop thinking so deeply  n stressing about how I will make a life on this new island. It will happen if I let it. By far the worst part of the detox is the salt water flush. I hate peeing out of my ass and you will too.🙂

Chris’ Detox Day 6
Holy sh*t it has been 6 days. I am not in pain. I am enjoying warm lemonade now. Yum. I had a morning of less than stellar sociability but I am glad I did not damage anything too much… or kill😉. The main feeling I have right now is wanting to eat. Oz has a plate of banana chips, dried dates, craisins, bbq peanuts n dried apricots n that looks so good to me. I think that all that night snacking on chips was a problem but having something like oz is not an issue at all. Right now I would absolutely love to have a big bowl of popcorn w hot coconut oil.  I do feel distant tho. I decided that I will only do tomorrow and then it is OJ for two. Going to stick to that. I feel I have done enough and I hope that I have. I feel like today was a wasted day for my life. I was a slouch, I was not a dad or a decent husband. I feel mentally like trash.

Chris’ Detox Day 7
My skin is loose on my belly n it looks like I had one of those stomach surgeries. Yuk. Glad today is last day. Wanted to eat badly again, but was not being silly. Needed energy today so I took it, which is not recommended.  Got thru it n now it’s done. On w the transition out! Yay for me!

Detox 2012 Days 3 & 4

Here we go, Day 3 & 4 of our First Detox of 2012. Have you been keeping up? Check out the first two posts if you haven’t already here & here.

Tamara’s Detox Day 3

So I woke up today without a sore throat! YIP~EE. So glad!!! After a glass of Fresh Water & Vita Greens (info about Vita Greens here)  I got in some arm weights (45 Reps of Shoulders, Curls & Rows) as well as the usual 200 Jumping Jacks, I also go in about 50 scissor kicks, but stopped there so I wouldn’t over to do (You need to be carefull on a detox so that you leave enough energy for your body to cleanse & detox properly!!🙂 ) I had only half of the breakfast smoothie & did some work around the house & had an overall uneventful day. I finally did the Coffee Enema, & found that it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating, nothing to be scared of thats for sure! For lunch I had less then 1/2 of the smoothie😦 , it gave me quite a sore stomach (maybe it was because of the enema?) but I did end up finishing it at dinner. I’m really beginning to wonder about this smoothie. Why is it this filling? Add in 4 cups of Green Tea & Tumeric as well as 2 cups of Dandelion tea, & that was my day! My youngest son came home with a bit of the flu so I’ll be busy taking care of him tomorrow.

Chris’ Detox Day 3

I want to eat but am not hungry. The meals the boys are eating smell more wonderful than normal. It is 7:15 pm and i have two mugs of lemonade to go. I had about all of my water reqs today (about 10 mugs each being 2 cups). I  haven’t been hungry today. I also do not feel sluggish. My mind is strong n i got some good work done today.  I lost patience once n got almost overwhelmed once. I did not run today cause i felt cold. My skin is starting to feel baggy on my tummy cause i am starting to shrink i guess. I miss food. Peanut butter, soup, peppers n an apple. I cant wait to get back on food in a week so i can enjoy this stuff again.
Tamara’s Detox Day 4
Darn it, I woke up with a sore throat again! Whaaaaat? It could just be a detox symptom, not sure. Zinc is really helping though. I have to admit that I was really worried about drinking (or rather not drinking) the smoothies today. I think I’ve unconsciously decided that I’m more inclined to doing a fast/cleanse then a smoothie detox. I started my day off with a fresh juice of 1 Large Beet, 3 Carrots, 1 Apple & a Big chunk of Ginger. Ohhhhh Sooooo Gooooood! If felt great. I had a few cups of tea & went on with my day. At one point I looked at the clock and realized that it was 4pm. I wasn’t even hungry! At 430 I decided that I should try the smoothie, & so I blended it with some OJ, Frozen Berries & Coconut Water & drank. It took about an hour to finish it, but I knew the protein & vitamins were good for me. I ended the night with more Tea. This feels good. I was still kinda feeling under the weather so I took off to bed early. Oz was still not feeling great at all, so it he headed to bed early too! By the way, I see Chris didn’t mention it, but today is our 9 year anniversary! Whoo Hoo! Very exciting!!!  XoX Babe!!!
Chris’ Detox Day 4
Not hungry but want to eat. I was active today running around n doing things. Drove to Fulford n back. I drink water easily. My tongue is patchy white today.  I feel great tho. Peeing is funny cause i get to a point where i feel i am done but i keep going. I walked thru a store today n did not want chips but the memory of them made me want to try. I also rilly enjoyed the smell of roasting meat today, but then i realised i would smell the same if i was roasted with salt and pepper over a fire. I felt very competent today and to be honest my memory was very strong. In the evening i was calm n peaceful. Not tired but ready to chill.

First full Detox of 2012

So here we are…. mid (ok late) February. It’s been an entire month since I wrote out my 2012 Resolutions & those are going fine, almost great actually. But the Dietary discipline has been M.I.A. Our wonderful eating habits fell a bit when all the moving across country started, then there was the slump in & thru the Holidays, but now that it’s February it’s just gotten out of control. Treats are everywhere. Cravings are taking control. Sleep is rough. Energy is scarce. My skin is acting up. And if that’s not reason enough, the weather is getting warmer ~ & so that only means that it really is time to get ‘er done. (I really think that everyone should Detox in one way or another at least twice a year ~ Spring & Fall).

Again, this year I won’t be alone, my Wonderful hubby Chris is doing a Detox right along side me! Chris & I have done a few different Detoxes together. Our first ever was the WildRose Herbal Detox. Granted that was years ago~ we weren’t really prepared & it didn’t go well at all😦 . We’ve done the Master Cleanse quite successfully a few times, I believe the longest was around 12-15 days for Chris, & 8 or 10 days for me. This year I wanted to try something a little different. Seeing as there are so many Detoxes out there, I thought I should surely know about them for you, my clients!😉 After some searching I kept coming across Kaeng Raeng. It seemed to be everywhere!! So I dug around, & found that, although there weren’t any real detoxing herbs or veggies in their mix, the overall approach & nutrients were pretty complete. So what did I end up doing? Well, I ordered it, & waited for it to arrive by post………..

2 weeks later & I finally received the Detoxing Kit from Kaeng Raeng!! I’m so excited & curious to see how this Detox is going to ‘blow my socks off’ & change my body (& mind~ you all know how Detoxes affect our bodies & minds right?)!!! I bought the 6 day over the 3 day detox because I just don’t trust 3 days to be enough time for a real detox of the body. There are so many things going on in our bodies & so many different areas to detox that the equivalent of a long weekend just doesn’t seem like enough time in my opinion (unless of course you do this type of detox more often~ maybe every month or so?). I choose the veteran over the beginner & master level detoxes firstly because I’ve done a few detox’s before (as mentioned above) so I’m not a beginner, & although I was leaning towards getting their Master 6 Day, the price was just way too high for me, so I’m sticking with the Veteran!🙂

This Smoothie Detox claims that you can eat Raw Fruits & Veggies if you want, & as much as you want during the cleanse. It has Pro~Biotic, all your daily Vitamins, Protein & Fibre included in the shakes, & come in 3 different flavours (blueberry, blackberry, banana / strawberry, raspberry, pineapple & mango, peach, pineapple).

I personally think that this may not be enough to achieve the full Cleanse that I’m hoping for right now. My plan was to do a pre~detox while waiting for the parcel, but my mind has been more in the gutter then on healthy eating, so it didn’t happen. Oh I got a few salads in, at least one a day, but not much more….It’s such a shame too because there are so many wonderful Detoxifying Foods & Herbs out there! I thought I would use them to my advantage, preparing my body in the week ahead of my Smoothie Detox …. tsk tsk, hand slap!

Anyways, some of these herbs are still safe (in my opinion) to use during both the Master Cleanse (what Chris is doing) & The Kaeng Raeng Detox (the Detox I’m trying). I’ll explain what we’re using & how they can help. *Please note, you can incorporate these into your daily routine if you want a bit of internal cleansing action!

Turmeric & Green Tea~ use these bad boys together to achieve an amazing double punch! Both have amazing anti~inflammatory agents, which is something that is always helpful during a cleanse. Green Tea is quite low in caffeine & so it shouldn’t hurt to sip on a few cups a day during a detox, maybe a few more cups if you’re not detoxing.

Lemon & Limes~ the best natural anti~bacterial cleansing item in (dare I say) the world, also does an incredible job of alkalining the body. A wonderful treat for your body is a nice cup of warm water with 1/2 ~ 1 Lemon squeezed in. Try it first thing in the morning, & last thing at night! (I’ll be adding this into my routine)

Dandelion Tea ~ This so~called Weed can do it all, Liver, Kidney &  Gallbladder support, it also contains Anti~oxidants & Anti~inflammatories. This tea has more amazing properties then I can list. Try 2 cups a day to help your Liver smile🙂

I did have a ton of other supportive Detoxing foods that I was going to incorporate, but as you may know, the 2 Detoxes that we are doing (Master Cleanse & Kaeng Raeng) don’t really allow for solid foods. Best thing to do will be to add these in when we are easing in to ‘real’ food again afterwards. Don’t worry, I’ll have a post on that🙂

For now, stay up to date on this year’s Detoxing trip on the site! Chris & I will both be updating how it’s going & all.

Why oh Why are we doing this???😉

Chris’ Why
-To get control of my lately poor eating habits: i snack a lot w chips n chocolate.
-to support Tamara while she evaluates and does her detox
-To cleanse my body of garbage from past three months
-To tidy up my body
-to get spiritual within possibly
-hopefully the journey will bring Tamara and i closer
-become happier and confident
– my coffee of choice is a shot in the dark (brewed coffee w a shot of espresso); i  am getn close to coffee being a bad habit and not something i enjoy
-i want to b full on cleansed to break in Salt Spring Island n get my brewing career rolling clearly n peacefully
-to get excited to exercise again

If i give up before 7 days how will that make my life negative?
– Will feel failure
– will probably go back to poor snacking
-will potentially spiral down n continue w depression
-will not feel as start over as i would like

Tamara’s Why

Looking for the Mental ah~ha that comes with a good Cleanse. I want to feel free of the cravings & the pull that certain foods have on me right now. I’m not at all happy with my eating habits. I’m embarrassed actually, that I can devour a bag of chips while sitting on the couch, it does not make me feel good inside. I want the food to Fuel my body & nourish it the way it’s suppose to, not nourish my boredom & lethargy.

I am also looking to lose between 3 & 5kg. For those that know me, you may be thinking that that amount of weight seems like a lot…. But it’s that dreaded ‘muffin top‘ that I want to get rid of (as well as some junk on the inner thigh). I am on the small side (I always have been), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have extra fat that could be gone!

So let’s recap; Goal #1 is the ah~ha moment of Food Consciousness & Goal #2 is to lose between 3~5kg. Ok…. are we ready? Let’s GO!

Do you Detox/Cleanse? What types do you prefer? How often do you Detox/Cleanse? Why do you do it?