8 reasons Why this Hair Skin & Nails Supplement is Better then the Rest

 hair skin nails

Hair Skin & Nails is now our #4 product!!!!


here’s the simple low~down 🙂

1~our unique formulation helps the body’s natural production of collagen & keratin.

2~Gota kola aids circulation.

3~MSM prevents hair loss (it’s the missing link in other biotin hair supplements on the market)

4~Biotin is necessary for the metabolism of fats & amino acids, so it’ll also help with weight loss.

5~Our formulation acutally builds collagen (essential for supple skin)

6~Contains Vitamin C (cc creams on the market which claim to have vitamin c cannot actually penetrate skin so they are pretty useless)

7~Alpha lipoic acid helps prevent cell damage & breaks down carbs (this make energy for other organs)

8~The fruits combination targets the “brown fat” or belly fat (grape seed, fo ti, amla fruit, goji, Japanese seaweed & melon pulp)

It’s on backorder more times then not. Dont’ let that discourage you. Get your order in today & you’ll have it shipped as soon as it’s back in!

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What are you waiting for??

Check out some real life before & after photos just like this one ~>here<~


Tea’s on!

I love me a good mug of tea. Green Tea, Lavender Tea, PassionFlower Tea, Ginger Tea. You name it, & I’ll probably love it! I prefer Loose Tea to Tea Bags, I just have this feeling like it’s much more ‘Real’, not just ground up flakes. It’s also pretty cool to see all those leaves & petals floating around. Sight & Smell is all around better with Loose Tea.

So when I found out that Mountain Rose Herbs had done some amazing Transformations on their Tea line, I had to see for myself! Here’s what they have to say about it:

After two years of carefully sourcing and selecting recycled materials, we’re delighted to present a package that is sustainable, stunning, and worthy of our certified organic and fair trade teas. All of our 4oz teas will now arrive boxed in this recycled loveliness.
Here’s what makes our new box so special:
It’s Sustainable:
Cardboard Tea Box
– 100% post-consumer waste recycled newspaper
– Reusable
– Recyclable
– Biodegradable / Compostable
– Printed with soy ink and water-based varnish
– Recyclable labels

Inner Tea Bag
– Non-GMO tree cellulose, an industrial bi-product from the Pacific Northwest
– 100% Compostable
– Resealable with adhesive tab for freshness

Our Tea
– 100% Certified Organic Ingredients
– Earth Kosher Certified
– IMO Fair For Life ~ Fair Trade Certified varieties
– Time-tested formulas handcrafted by us for over 20 years
– 65 green, black, red, white and herbal blends to experience

It’s Practical:
– Prevents color and nutrient leaching by light
– Offers better protection during shipping to prevent crushed and broken bags
– Local co-ops and health food stores will now be able to stock our tea in the tea aisle
– Allows us to include detailed brewing instructions and a “resources saved” report

It’s Beautiful:
– Beautifully designed to site on your kitchen shelf
– Perfect gift for tea lovers
– Embossed with full color photos of our tea printed using soy-inks and eco-friendly water based varnish

Now our organic teas are as sustainable as they are delicious! So, sip sustainably and help us support organic agriculture one cup at a time.

So what are you waiting for? Their Peace Tea is Delish as is the Blossoms of Health Tea, & they even have Herbal Coffee (for you non~tea lovers). Go now & try a new favorite out today!

Things you need to read!

Hi everyone! Are you so excited for the weekend? I love that it’s Friday!!! My boys have been on Spring Break for the last week & I’m pumped to be able to hang out with them for a few days.

Instead of a Review this Friday, I thought I would share some of the Amazing Posts that I read in the last few weeks. These are totally worth it. So grab yourself a cup or Tea or Coffee (or Wine, depending on what time zone you’re in) & enjoy!

This post (zero waste home tips) made me think really hard about how we Use & ReUse things in our house as well as the amount we Waste (both Food & Money). We take pride in ReUsing our bottles for Bulk Items & Composting regularly, but I now feel that there are so many more options out there for us to do. It opened my eyes to how wasteful some things are, & gave me great ideas on how to change it. I’m looking forward to saving money & the planet a little bit more now! I especially love the way they have added a 4th R (Refuse!) & remind us that it is Firstly Reduce, Then ReUse, and Lastly Recycle!

Conscious Diva’s had a nice article that also made me think. The article about The Grass is Always Greener really made me appreciate my life & helped me remember that it really is in the way you look at it, & sometimes you just need to take a step back to see where you really are.

Everyone has Money Issues right? I don’t care who you are, there is something about money that makes people a bit crazy. This article has 5 cute tips on how to be more spiritual with the moolah issues. It’s not a long post, but it is cute!

Oh She Glows is a Blog I go to regularly for Amazing Recipes. Angela is coming out with a cookbook soon & I am dying to buy it!!! (or get it as a present, whatever…;) ) Here is a recipe for Freezer Fudge that made me drool, what do you think of it?

Mung Beans are what Bean Sprouts are made of. Did you know that? Here’s a recipe for Mung Beans & Root Veggies that is Perfect for the days that are still a little too chilly for Salads 🙂

Lauren over at the Holy Kale had a great article about keeping your Produce fresh longer (something I think everyone should know tips for). My only add~on would be to keep your Onions with your Apples as they keep each other from going bad (cool hey~ did you know that tip?)

Jess over at Wellness Warrior has a great 4 part video interview series with James Colqhoun from Food Matters (as well as the new film coming out March 21st Hungry for Change). Take a look at all 4 parts here #1 #2 #3 #4. There is so much info here that I just can’t get into it all. James talks about what his rules are for living a better life, how is he thankful, foods role, & so much more….. Chris & I just watched Food Matters,  (it’s free on YouTube) & it’s a great eye~opener. It made me much more confident to be in the field that I’m striving in (Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management & Detoxing) & totally made me feel like eating Plants (not Animals) & taking our Supplements was A~OK!

Vienda is my new fav Guru. Here you will find Week One of her ‘uncover your authentic self’ & here you will find Week Two & Week Three (I’m still on week 2), hey~ let’s do this together!!!

Now, if you have the time & like reading things that are a bit more ‘deep’ or out there, Wake Up World always has some great posts that really make you think. Here are just a few of my favorites in the last few weeks….

Feels like something Big is going to happen

Why is Natural the Alternative

160 Uses for Coconut Oil

And Of Course, I need to Plug my Weekly Challenge (again)! There is only 2 days left until the First Challenge comes out, & Only 1 day left until my Challenge is done; which is to have 50 people sign up! Have you signed up yet? Remember that you will only be sent these Weekly Challenge Videos if you sign up!!! Go here & fill it all out (send it to a few friends while you’re at it). There is nothing to lose & only Great Health to gain! I’m so excited!

Here’s to you’re Wonderful Weekend & to you being You.Naturally!

Death by Chocolate Reviews

Ever have a Chocolate hang~over?

Wow…. It hurts…..

All of you wonderful people out there owe me… Big Time!!!

Truthfully? It was my Pleasure to do this for you 🙂

Here is goes, my Review of some Amazing Chocolate Bars…

(& just in time for Valentines Day!!)


Camino ~Fair Trade & Organic

Made in Switzerland (a love of mine)

55% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

I bought the Espresso Chocolate (again). I love this bar because the taste of Espresso is so wonderful with the smooth Chocolate, it makes my mouth smile!  This Bar is a relatively inexpensive (4$/100g) staple in my purse or cupboard. It’s a guilty pleasure that I love to have always around just in case!

Element Wild Sweets

Made in Richmond B.C.

70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

I had never seen these before this week, but I’m so glad I found it. A bit pricey (5$ for 65g) I tried the Lemon Black Truffle Peanut Praline & Roasted Peanuts (not shown). It was so smooooth & Creamy! I loved having the Truffle taste in there too, I felt special eating Truffles & Chocolate!  I also tried the Sesame Wakame Praline & Vanilla Maldon Salt, this one was interesting…. It was pretty smooth, but I honestly only tasted the salt & Sesame. It had a slight dusty taste & I’m not sure if that was the Maldon or not…. I can only say I thought it was ok,  (I learnt that I don’t like Sesame in Chocolate).

Organic Fair

Made right here on Vancouver’s Main Island in Cobble Hill

It’s certified Organic Fair Trade & 70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

I tried the Cherries & Ginger Bar. It was THE BOMB!!!! I can’t even tell you how amazing these flavours came together, usually Ginger is just a flavour you taste in bars, but this one you could actually feel the Chunks of Ginger along with pieces of Cherry! YUM. They make so many different cool creations, I just wish I had gotten them all! At nearly 4$ a Bar for 44g, it’s probably more of a treat then a staple, but they are so close to home, I may have to just go & beg for a job (& yes, they can pay me in Chocolates!!!!) I also tried the Maple Syrup, Sundried Apples & Alder Smoked Salt which was also Amazing! ~who knew such flavours could come together so well?


Made in Vancouver B.C.

Organic & 70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

This is one of those chocolates that is a total win~win situation. Love Chocolate? YES Want to be Healthy? YES Why not both? Because of all of it’s superb Health Benefits (increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones & enhance libido) you don’t have to feel guilty eating it. In fact, eating a little a day is GOOD for you!!! (they actually recommend eating 1/2 a bar daily~ um, OK!!) (aprox 5$ for 40g)


Made in the USA

The Coconut Bar with Dark Chocolate is a staple in our house for my Husband. He loves Coconut to death, & when you cover it in Chocolate he goes nuts! More of a snack bar with the added bonus of Chocolate, it’s a super yummy, chewy, healthy ‘treat’ snack to have in your car or bag at all times! For around 2-3$ for 53g, it’s well worth it.

Denman Island

Made near by on Denman Island BC

Certified Organic

I love Denman Island Chocolate. When I see it, I usually buy it. I love their Hazelnut, Rosemary, Espresso & Ginger ones the best….. This time I decided to try their little buddha shaped Hazelnut & Ginger ones instead (pictured with their mini frog shaped mint chocolate). What can you say about Bite~Sized Bliss? YUMMMM  (or maybe I should say OHM). I wanted more & more. I want them all. Each one has such a strong delish flavor! At aprox 2-4$ per treat, these are well worth it. Buy more then one, heck~ order a box!

Green & Blacks

Made in the Uk

Organic & 55-85% Cacao/Dark Chocolate (Cherry is only 60%)

I love the Dark Chocolate with Cherry. It will always hold a sweet spot in my heart because it’s 2 of my dear loves together! For me, it’s always a go~to if I need a pick~me~up 🙂 A staple in always hidden in my house for times of need! (only 4$ for 100g). This Bar has actual BIG chuncks of Chewy Cherries in it, not hard or crunch, Yummy!!!


Made in the USA

only 37% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

This Chocolate intriged me with it’s Chai & Ginger flavour. I’m not sure why (as I don’t like Chai ~ but I do love Ginger). If you like Chai, then you may like this ~ please tell me if you do…. & that’s all I have to say about that.


Made in Germany

70% Cacao/Dark Chocolate

This is another Fair Trade Chocolate, this one in particular helps support Families in Ghana. I tried the one with Real Raspberries in it & it was really nice to have real fruit in it. I was crunching seeds & all!  I don’t care for Raspberries enough to have this as a staple, but the freshness of the fruit & the smooth chocolate is a such winner! (5$ for 100g), if you Love Raspberries try this one out!


Are you a Choco~holic? or can you live without this ‘treat’?

What do you think of my Death by Chocolate Review? Have I insprired you to try any new types of Chocolate?

What are your favorite go~to chocolates?

Hair Product Reviews

I’m kind of a Hair Product Junkie. I’m not sure why, honestly, I don’t have the best hair. The best hair I ever had was when I had Dreads (easy as pie!!). That was a long time ago tho. I’ve had trouble with those pesky ‘greys’ for a loooooong time, and so my hair has been every colour from blonde, brown, blue, black & my fav Fushia Pink (for 6 years). Now my hair is just dry old Mama hair. It’s nothing special at all, in fact it’s annoying! Maybe that’s why I’m such a sucker for the products ~ because I think it will help. My real own stipulation for buying the product is that is needs to be as Green & Clean as possible (meaning no parabens, chemicals, etc). Oh ya, & it needs to promise me great hair! 🙂 Here are some companies that I’ve tried.

I’ve tried Live Clean, A nice product. It’s Canadian & really Green & Clean. My kids still use this one, but I’ve stopped because it just wasn’t amazing ~ it’s good but not amazing!

Hemp… This one is ok, but I found that I needed a LOT to do the trick. I don’t know about you, but washing & conditioning twice is a pain….

Tea Tree… This one is nice as well. If you don’t like the smell or tingle of Tea Tree then stay away, but if you’re ok with it then try this out. It would be what I use if I hadn’t found this next product………

But this product that I picked up at Chatters last week is my number 1 fav now.

It’s called abba & it’s an all Natural Medically product. With ingredients like Yucca, Wild Mint, Sage. All of these herbs help with Dry Hair (what I have….) it was AMAZING!!!     The price point wasn’t too bad & they have more then just shampoo & conditioner such as hair serum, hair spray, hair masks etc. From what I saw they had a few different types. For colour treated hair, curly hair, dry hair, etc. I would 100% recommend this product.

Hey, if you try this one out let me know what you think, OK? 🙂

A few to Review

On a visit to Parksville & Qualicum Beach in December while looking for our New Forever Home ‘Town’, we stumbled into a busy Christmas Craft sale. Thinking it was the perfect way to meet some locals & get some Xmas Shopping done we went right in.

Right away we found ‘Free Spirit Botanicals‘ (based right here in Victoria BC) & man was her stuff AMAZING!!!! I am always looking at soaps #1, because I love nice smelling bathroom stuff, & #2 because my youngest has a difficult time finding soap that doesn’t dry & irritate his skin. My first question is always “do you have anything for dry & sensitive skin”? Usually they show me something with too many ingredients, some have even shown me soaps with *gasp* phthalates & parabens! But for my little man I prefer simple natural soaps. The one we choose this time was the Goat’s Milk & Honey. It’s made with 3 basic ingredients ~ 100% salphonated Olive Oil, & it’s a gentle cleanser with the Honey as the moisturizer. There is wheat germ added as an exfoliation & has Vitamin E added. I was worried about the Wheat Germ (because we are gluten intolerant, but so far he’s been fine)!

I personally went for the soap pictured above. The LemonGrass Loofah. I thought it was pretty ingenious to add the Loofah right in the soap, I’ve never seen that before! I have a weird love affair with LemonGrass, & the smell of this one doesn’t disappoint! My hubby also picked up a soap that had Olive, almond, Calendula & palm oils. Ground almond, cinnamon, cloves & turmeric. He smells so manly when he gets outta the shower! The Cinnamon & Cloves especially is nice!

Here’s another Gem that I absolutely love! It’s made by a company called YoungBlood from the USA.

This is a very different, very cool kind of face/body mist that uses: Grapefruit, Lime, Rosemary, Hematite, Malakitte, Rhodolite & Zincite to rejuvenate & protect your skin. I use it throughout the day when I feel like my skin needs a little boost of energy. You know the feeling, when your face & skin feel tired~ that’s when this baby works it’s majick & you feel Refreshed, Restored! They have 3 different mist’s to choose from. I’ve only used the Restore one, but I have to say that it is SO SO nice. I picked it up a while ago when my hubby went off to Brewing School in Europe. Being at home with the kids without him for 3 months was really very hard, but using this spray (when I remembered) was a very nice way to treat myself & get away from the craziness, even if it was short lived!

I have one other product to show you here, but I’m not sure if I love it or if I hate it……. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, & funny enough, I’m still not sure. One day I like it, one day I hate it, & one day I love it….. so strange. This one is made my Green Beaver.

It’s one of their many different toothpastes. Toothpastes, just like Rice Milk, Peanut Butter, Dried Currants, & Candles, we just can’t seem to keep enough of in our house. I’m not quite sure why, but I’m always going out to get more. My kids usually ask for a new flavour, & it’s getting hard to accommodate them. Around here we stick to Fluoride Free, & although that’s getting easier to find, some of the ingredients are still kind of iffy! This one caught my eye because of bright green colour at first, then I noticed that it had Cilantro. Well ~ Cilantro is a love or hate herb. I personally love it, so I thought I would give this paste a try. As it says on the tube, they use real flavours, & it’s true. Everytime I use it, it tastes 100% of Cilantro & Mint & 0% of ToothPaste. Maybe that’s the problem….. I do like the taste, but it doesn’t taste like I’m brushing my teeth……

Do you like Cilantro? If so, how do you use it?