Stuff I loved reading…

Happy Easter Weekend All! I’m so excited that Spring has Sprung & I have a (mostly) long weekend. Is it weird that I have Friday, Saturday & Monday off?πŸ˜‰ huh… I guess I’ll take it! This year we’re doing a TON of different things for the Easter Celebrations. I won’t give them all away, but needless to say it’s 100% Vegan (besides a few chocolate treats~milk), but there will be no eggs, etc! Can’t wait!

What are your plans for the Long Weekend?

This week I’ve put my ‘must reads’ into categories. Please grab your coffee, tea orπŸ˜‰ glass of wine & enjoy my specially chosen post for your reading pleasure!

For Inspiration & Growth within Yourself:

My new found must go~to daily lovely site is Gentle Living where Liz shows me how to be more Centered & Balanced. Here she shows us the importance of Breathing & her 25 self care tips is amazing too!

Conscious Divas has a great article about Calming our Energy, I especially love #2 where it says to ‘brush the dush off your shoulders’. # 4 (get out doors) & #5 of meditation is a must I 100% agree!

Kris Carr at Crazy Sext Life has done it again (ok, I say this every bleepin’ week). But she has! Read her Love Rules , Follow your Heart, & of course the Article I’ve been sharing on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest all week long Nourish your Inner Introvert!

Here are a few cute Green Tips from The Well Daily. I must admit I didn’t even think of throwing my contact lenses in the Recycle bin, but I am guilty of that no longer!!!πŸ™‚

Must try Recipes

Detoxinista has done it again! I’m speechless~ I can’t wait to try this recipe out. Do you love sushi like me? Take a look at how ingenious she is with this substitution of carrot pulp (from your juicer, you have a juicer right?) for Rice!!

so….. what do you do if you don’t have a juicer (tsk tsk) or maybe you just don’t want to use your left over carrot pulp instead of rice? then go over to Sarah’s site & try Quinoa sushi~ how amazing do they look? Needless to say, we’ll be eating a TON of Vegan sushi around here!!!

I love Miso. It’s one of my top fav’s in the world. I also am pretty partial to Asparagus, especially when it’s in season. So what do you get when you add these together? Boom!

A new blog I started following has proven to be great. Love this one with rice & mushrooms!!!

What would YOU say if someone told you they could make you a fabΒ  Vegan White Macadamia Nut Cookie? Whaaaat? Yah, I thought so.

Ok, so talking about cookies…. here’s another one. (Because you really can’t have enough cookies~ especially if you live with 2 cute little cookie monsters!!)

Let’s end off with how I started my weekend morning. OH Deer Buddha!!! Grab a coffee & top it like you’ve always wanted to but never had the guts!!!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a super hoppy WeekendπŸ˜‰

My Dreams for 2012

Welcome to 2012 everyone!!! How are you feeling about this New Year so far? Excited, Focused, Determined, Drained?πŸ™‚ Hopefully it’s one of the first few feelings and not the last!

This year I’ve decided to open up a bit more & share my Dreams for the coming year.Β  I’m usually a pretty private person when it comes to my deep down dreams, I just feel too much pressure out there exposed & naked, you know? I also tend to feel really guilty & horrible when things don’t end up the way I’ve planned. I’ve always felt safer when I’ve kept these things to myself. But this year? Well, this year I’m stepping outta the old comfort zone, throwing caution to the wind & trying things differently.

I feel like I need to explain a few things here about my family & my history before I go on to my 2012 Dreams & why I believe they are so important. For those of you who know me you can skip this is you wantπŸ™‚

My husband & I are part gypsy. Yes, it’s true. We’ve never felt quite right staying in one place for a long time. The longest place we’ve ever lived is Winnipeg MB ~ that was for nearly 4 years. We’ve never had a problem selling it all & travelling to find & fill our passions. We’ve lived in 6 cities & been to 4 countries in the 9 years we’ve been married, & had no problems taking our 2 young boys with us. This newest adventure has taken us 1/2 way across Canada & landed us in the paradise known as Vancouver Island. We are here looking for a place to stay (although to us, home will always be anywhere the 4 of us are together). How did we get here you ask? Let me tell you our amazing story……..

It started one night last year on December 29th 2010. The 4 of us were sprawled out in the living room listening to the fire crackle while thinking of some 2011 New Years Dreams. (I think the word Dreams is nicer then Resolutions & somehow doesn’t have the same incredible pressure attached to it). I got up & gathered all of the magazines that I could & we all started cutting & pasting things we wanted to see & do & have happen to us in the New Year. One common goal we all had was to move! Some of us wanted the Mountains, some wanted the Ocean. We all wanted better weatherπŸ™‚ Now you may think that turning this dream to reality would be easy….. but it wasn’t so…. We started a plan, & like many BIG plans with many BIG steps things slowed, gained momentum & even came to a halt at times. We changed our minds, again & again, & then again once more. We researched different provinces & towns, called realtors, started packing & then cancelled the realtors. Finally we put the house up for sale after many many tries & left for vacation thinking all would be done when we came back. *Things have always happened in a dream~like manner for Chris & I. Plane tickets go on sale the day we look, dream houses pop onto the market when we are looking, perfect job offers come when we’re unemployed, & so on. People have told us many times how blessed we are. And we are blessed. And we know it.

To make a long story short & to cut out some nasty guilt & foul words, our house finally (FINALLY) sold 3 days before our contract was about to end with a realtor that…. well….. it all worked out. The boys were taken out of school, I had to turn down more then a few job offers & we left much later in the year then we planned. But I don’t want to complain or digress anymore…. We packed, gave notice, said goodbye, cried, laughed, smiled, & stopped for gas & friendly visits all the way to the coast.

The point? We are here! We said we would be here, & we made it happen! We are here & we are happy. We make it happen!!!

So, after all that…. what could possibly be my 2012 Dreams? Here I go, Please be kind & remember that this is out of my comfort zone. I hope you don’t find them silly or anything. In fact, I hope they give you courage to step out & shout your list out to the world! Together we can do this! Look out 2012, cause this year My Dreams Want Me!!

Dreams 2012


Spend Quality time with each of my ‘men’ everyday doing something Mindful & Special.

Find a place to call Home & lay our heads.

Make lots of new Friends, Find a Mentor & Be a Mentor.

Eat, Breath, Sleep, & Speak Mindfully.

Smile & Laugh as much as I can.

Read 1 hour of a Great book a day.

Listen to my Intuition more.


Make actual Real Money with You.Naturally.

Try 5 New Recipes every Week.

Have my 1st eRecipe Book out by February 2012.

Have my 2nd eRecipe Book out by May 2012.

Teach others how to Cook Nutritious Foods Simply.

Teach others how to Detox Properly.

Help others Clean~Up their Kitchens, Bodies & Lifestyles.


Workout, Run & Meditate everyday.

Try 5 New Recipes every Week.

Give our Juicer a run for its money.

Kiss Chris 10 times a Day.

Always take my Vitamins & Bach Flower Remedies.

Grow more of our Food.

So… what do you think? Do you feel like sharing any of your 2012 Dreams?